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Baby Showers

Plan a Baby Shower That Packs Pizzazz

(FeatureSource) If your best friend just told you that she's pregnant, you may find yourself throwing a baby shower in the next few months. To get started on a creative party-planning path, choose a theme for your celebration.

"Selecting a theme sets your celebration apart," says Becky Long, author of Themed Baby Showers (Meadowbrook Press). "You could choose a classic theme like 'Mother Goose' or a more innovative theme like 'Pea in the Pod' or 'Once Upon a Time.'"

"When you strive to be imaginative, you will wow guests with your dazzling decorations, food and entertainment," says Long. She provides these six clever party ideas that will make your shower unforgettable:

Try writing invitations onto note cards and then inserting them into plastic baby bottles. The bottles will act as mailing tubes. Ask guests to return the bottles filled with coupons for baby products. Award a prize to the guest who collects the most valuable savings.

Give baby everything from A to Z by attaching each shower invitation to a plastic alphabet-letter magnet. Request that each guest bring a present that corresponds to the attached letter.

Prepare a fairy-tale buffet. At the beginning of the buffet table, set a sign that reads, "Once Upon a Time There Was a Delicious Storybook Buffet." Set a sign that reads, "The End," at the other end of the table. Serve items that correspond to storybooks, such as bean salad for Jack and the Beanstalk or barbequed pork in honor of the Three Little Pigs.

Say goodbye to boring shower games that stifle conversation and opt instead for stimulating activities. Have each guest craft a page for a personalized scrapbook for baby. Recruit partygoers to make a collection of onesies for baby using provided stencils and fabric paint.

To decorate your party room, hang a ribbon clothesline over the mom's head. Fill it with baby clothes that she can take home at the end of the shower.

Dress the mom-to-be in a large bib made from poster board. Fill it with ribbons and bows from the shower presents and keep your camera handy for marvelous keepsake photographs.

Author: FeatureSource Staff

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