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Baby Showers

Baby Shower Decorations

A new arrival is on the way and he or she should be welcomed in style! This is where you enter - Baby Shower Planner Extraordinaire! Heck of a title, right? If you're worried about taking this on, with the following tips your shower will be the talk of the town. Okay, perhaps not the entire town, but definitely amongst your peers, and mom-to-be will probably be left speechless, or feeling overwhelmed with gratitude - or both!

Where to begin?
The answer to that question depends on if/how involved the mom-to-be is. Does she have a specific theme in mind for her shower? Would she like the nursery theme to carryover to the shower? Does she have a favorite color that she's completely ga-ga over? Does she know or plan to reveal the gender of the baby? If so, the hard part is already done for you. Use her ideas/desires as the starting point. If not, determine if you'd prefer to go with a theme, color, boy/girl color or neutral pastels if the gender is unknown.

The Table(s)
Tablecloths in the desired color or theme are a fantastic way to set the "tone" of the table. Cloth, paper, or plastic can all be utilized. In fact, some gorgeous tables have been created using fabric remnants strewn with baby shower themed confetti. Centerpieces are a great way to "shower" the mom-to-be while decorating. Centerpiece bases have been created with baby tubs, laundry baskets and collapsible fabric totes. The bases are filled with every imaginable type of baby product or clothing item a new mom can use. The gifts can be wrapped or neatly folded or rolled to fit within the base. Nothing's off limits as long as it has a lengthy shelf-life. So, get creative with rubber duckies, teethers, toys, bathing items, night lights, bibs, wash cloths, etc. How about some child-proofing goodies, batteries, and pacifiers, too? This would be a fantastic gift from the shower host, or request that each guest bring an item to add to the centerpiece. Your mom-to-be will appreciate each and every item in the coming years.

Got a mom with an eye for bunnies, ducks, or teddies? Add an animal for every table and dress them up in newborn clothes mom can take home. Have guests add to the collection via stuffed animals or figurines, or provide clothing in the appropriate theme. Diaper cakes make awesome centerpieces and are available in different sizes and different themes.

Balloons and flowers are always winners. Helium balloons are an inexpensive way to make any shower pop! Balloons in favorite colors or to match a theme are easy to find. To save on cost, get six pretty colored latex balloons for every one mylar balloon. Place balloons on each table or approximately every three feet on a banquet table. Balloons can then be weighed down with cool baby items like Baby's first bank, a picture frame, a music box, etc., or something practical like baby bottles, booties, bath products, or even candles. Flowers in coordinating colors is a very nice and fragrant way to decorate the shower. Remember to check with the mom-to-be to find out if she has any allergies, or if any particular scents are an issue for her.

Don't forget the eating utensils! Plastic ware is very economical and can be wrapped in cloth diapers (napkins for the festivities) with colorful curling ribbon, pacifiers, or teething rings as napkin rings. After the shower, the host can wash the diapers and present them to the mom-to-be to be used for baby.

The Atmosphere
The seat of honor MUST be decorated for mom. Start with an ultra-comfortable seat the mom-to-be can easily get out of and decorate it to the hilt. Balloons, flowers, pom-poms, streamers, fabric and ribbons are all contenders for making the chair fit for the queen of the day.

The walls of the shower location can be decorated with ease and creativity by stringing clothesline around the room and hanging baby outfits, wash cloths, onesies, burp cloths, etc. with clothes pins. Wrap balloons around the line every few articles of clothing, or pin clear holiday lights to the line and the room will come alive. Another idea is to get wall stickies in appropriate colors/themes and affix them to the walls. The stickies come off with ease and will not leave any residue on walls. If wall stickies in the theme of the nursery can be found, mom can use the stickies after the shower to decorate the nursery.

Plant a baby tree! Position a couple of artificial trees or branches in a tall container with a sturdy base around the room. To the branches, secure small baby related items such as pacifiers, spoons, nipples, etc. or small outfits on baby hangers. The tree can be decorated with holiday lights or streamers in coordinating colors.

If a baby shower is given at another location, if the nursery is completed or some progress has been made, assemble a display of the room so guests can see where junior will be residing. A large photo frame could be used for this and then presented to the mom-to-be to be matted for smaller photos of baby later.

Bet you thought I forgot the banner! Banners can be so much more than "Welcome Baby" on cardboard cutouts! Creativity can be put to new lengths by stringing onesies, bibs or diapers up with clothesline. Write a special message or baby's name and spell it out letter by letter on each item, written in non-toxic fabric markers or fabric paint, of course.

The Gifts
There's a misconception that there should be a gift table at the baby shower. But what fun is that? Why not make the gift area functional too? A bassinette, crib, toy chest, or play yard doubling as a gift holder would be much more practical. If a larger baby item is already on premises, decorate it and make it the gift "area." It will make a nice focal point and help contain things if a smaller space is being utilized. If a table is being used, decorate it like the main table and keep things consistent.

The Favors
Baby shower favors can be almost anything the mom-to-be desires. Try to keep with the theme. Some ideas are baby themed candles, baby bottles or baby themed cups or dishes filled with candy or loose or bagged tea, teeny diapers filled with goodies, or baked goods.

A fun, creative, unique and affordable baby shower can be thrown with a little planning. Remember to create a theme, take your space into consideration, and make sure the major bases are covered and success will be yours.

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