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Baby Showers

Make Your Next Baby Shower Sizzle, Not Drizzle

A theme can provide the framework for your baby shower and is almost certain to make your celebration more enjoyable . . .

(FeatureSource) Fess up! Most of us are very excited when a dear friend announces that she's pregnant. Yet many of us would rather watch paint dry than give up a precious Saturday afternoon to attend a shower in baby's honor.

"That's because baby showers have been long overdue for an overhaul," says party planner Becky Long, author of Themed Baby Showers (Meadowbrook Press). This new baby shower-planning book is filled to the brim with original activities that won't stifle conversation but start it, and innovative party themes that will leave your guests clamoring for more.

Long says that it's important to think "interactive" when it comes to choosing shower activities. After all, many times the only thing an eclectic group of guests has in common is the fact that they know the guest of honor. That's why it's especially essential to leave boring pencil games in the past and instead opt for doing activities that keep guests mingling with one another. Long assures that this step alone will dramatically increase the fun factor at any baby shower. Long suggests crafting something for baby: Create a felt storyboard, decorate a collection of onesies with fabric paint or make an alphabet book leaving space for pictures of baby.

"Selecting a theme for your baby shower is another great way to set your party apart right from the start," says Long. If the mom-to-be boasts a green thumb then consider hosting a garden party that celebrates her "Pea-in-the-Pod." If she enjoys reading, then a "Once Upon a Time" theme that showcases children's literature would be much appreciated.

A theme can also be critical to holding the guests' attention during the present-opening process. "While gift-giving is really the crux of any baby shower, it can sometimes be the biggest yawner," says Long. "But it doesn't have to be." For example, with the "Once Upon a Time" theme, ask each guest to bring a copy of a favorite childhood book to build baby's library. They may also bring a small gift that relates to the story. The memories that these childhood stories evoke will be natural conversation starters among guests.

And of course, the best way to tempt guests to attend your out-of-the-ordinary baby shower celebration is to send an enticing invitation--one that truly captures their attention. For example, mail invitations in plastic baby bottles and request that guests return the bottles to the shower filled with coupons for baby-related items--promising a prize to the guest that returns the biggest savings for the mom-to-be. Right away you've demonstrated that this shower will be far from boring.

After all, your number one goal as shower hostess is to make sure that guests won't be stealing quick glances at their watches throughout the shower, but rather stealing your ideas after the party's over.

Author: FeatureSource Staff

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