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     º THEY DID WHAT?! 10 Surprising Facts About Birth Control
Susan Edwards shares some surprising facts about the history of birth control. In it she says, "It's a pretty safe bet that as soon as people figured out how babies are made, some of them started inventing ways to prevent pregnancy, and others started passing laws to foil them." Check out this fun and somewhat gross (but entertaining!) article. [Click Here]

     º Contraceptive Foam
Foam is a vaginal spermicide which is placed into the woman's vagina using an applicator. Learn more about what it is, how to use it and the advantages and disadvantages of this form of birth control. [Click Here]

Hot Topic
     º Breastfeeding and Birth Control
For breastfeeding moms, when did you start using birth control after delivery and what kind are you using? Share your thoughts with us! Post on our blog here, or email us your thoughts here.

In the News
     º Pregnancy More Likely Among Overweight Women Taking Oral Contraceptives Than in Thinner Women, Study Says ~ From KaiserNetwork.Org [Click Here]
     º Hormonal Contraceptives Cause Some Women To Experience Diminished Sex Drive After Cessation, Study Says ~ From KaiserNetwork.Org [Click Here]

     º Outercourse
Outercourse usually refers to types of sexual intimacy which do not involve the penis entering the vagina or anus. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this form of birth control. [Click Here]


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