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Welcome to StorkNet's Bottle Feeding Cubby

What's New
     º Bonding over the Bottle, the Baby Bottle - that is!
Every new parent dreams of bonding with their new baby. Fortunately, some of the best bonding opportunities occur while feeding. Much has been written about the bonding that takes place during breastfeeding, but a bottle feeding mom need not despair. There are many feeding hours during which bottle feeding moms can bond too. [Click Here]
     º Getting Breast Milk and Formula to Appropriate Temps
There are a number of safe ways to warm breast milk or formula, with safe being the key. Learn how to safely warm your baby's bottle without using the microwave. [Click Here]
     º Letting It All Out - Successful Burping Positions Revealed
No two babies are identical. A burping position that worked for the first child may not be effective on baby number 2, and burping may not be necessary after each feeding. Did you know the success of burping can be dependent on who is doing the burping too? Here are eight gas expelling positions, which parents have found to be very effective. [Click Here]

Featured Article
     º Bottle Feeding Safety Tips
Feeding your baby from a bottle isn't difficult, but there are some important safety tips to keep in mind. This article has been updated regarding bottle and nipple safety. [Click Here]

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     º Bottle Feeding FAQ
Our frequently asked questions will tell you nearly everything you need to know about bottle feeding!
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