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How Many Times Do You Burp Baby?
~ a message board archive

From tinkerscanne ~ My baby takes anywhere from 4 to 6 oz. in a feeding. Sometimes when I stop him mid-feeding to burp, he doesn't burp. Do you HAVE to stop in the middle of a feeding to burp baby? It seems my little guy would rather chug his formula than be bothered with burping. Any help would be great!

Elisabeth ~ When Shakil was about the same age as your baby, he would get his milk all down and then we would have a burp. From about 6 weeks on, I found that he would let me know when we had to stop for a burp. He would get really restless and fidgety and start spitting out his milk. So we'd stop for a burp and then he would contentedly finish off the bottle and we would have another burp at the end. If baby is happy to keep going I'd burp him at the end.

Jewels ~ Like they say, every baby is different. I'd try just giving the whole bottle; if she's not spitting up or anything it should be fine.

MamaJAM ~ I only try to burp my peanut mid-feeding if he's falling asleep (it wakes him up - though he doesn't always burp). I usually keep patting him AFTER he's had all he wants until he burps.

jen702 ~ My little piglet wouldn't put up with a mid-feeding burping. She usually finishes a 6 oz bottle before she burps. Then we get a MONSTER-SIZED burp out of her. She's getting to the point where if she has to burp, she'll stop sucking and let the milk run down her chin. Then if I burb her, sometimes she'll have more.

Ms_Mommy ~ I gave up trying to burp DD when she was only a week old. I breastfed her, so that has an impact, but DD just never burps. Recently when I picked up DD from daycare, she hadn't had her last bottle of EBM. It was warmed, so I took it in the car with us. DD started fussing on the drive home, so I handed her the bottle. (DD is 10 months old and daycare did tell me that she holds her bottle on her own.) She drank it all and never burped. My DS wasn't a good burper either, but I did continue trying to burp him until he was about 4 months old. Now, I think I shouldn't have worried about it.

slothfur ~ I ususually burped her when she finished her bottle but if she stopped half way, then I'd burp her and continue to feed.

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