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Uses for formula containers
~ a message board archive

From KarenP ~ I decided a while back to save the cans when they are empty. I was thinking they might make a good stacking sort of toy for Carter when he is a bit older. Does anyone else have ideas for uses?

From TraceyM ~ We use them to sort everything. Stuff in the garage, laundry room, kitchen, my craft stuff, little toys, etc. We also have one in the freezer that we pour extra grease into. Once it's full we toss it. Beats throwing the grease down the sink!

From MaryB23 ~ Well, I have been saving them, too, and so far they've been a good stacking toy for DH! He's got quite the configuration in the basement. I am thinking eventually they'll be nice to store little stuff like crayons and Matchbox cars, etc. I'm also wondering if I could donate them to our parish school for crafts.

From Travelin Mama ~ I wish I would have saved more of the smaller containers. They worked great to put a few finger-food snacks in once Summer started on real food.

From Lucy ~ I'm planning on using mine to keep crayons, paintbrushes, pens, that sort of thing in. Oh, and playdoh, plastercine and other craft type items.

From Jessica ~ Those are great ideas! I like the idea of using them to store art supplies. Things that make you go, "Now why didn't I think of that?" LOL!

From mtwarog ~ DS uses ours for drums. All you need is some empty cans and a couple of spoons. It's a bit noisy but it keeps him busy, and I know he's not getting into trouble if I can hear him.

From Babe_E_Doll ~ I use them for pens and pencil holders. I wrapped pretty paper around them and glued it on and wrote the names of some of my female coworkers on them. They are cheap and more unique and they all love them. No one has thrown them away. They would also be a good thing to make hostess gifts and things like that out of, housewarming or welcome to the neighborhood stuff. You could easily poke a hole on either side near the top and put wire through it for a handle and fill it with tissue and candy or small trinkets, maybe sample sized lotions or something and decorate the outsides. OK, I am getting carried away, just an idea.

From Countrymommy ~ I had a friend who decorated them and used them for birthday party take-home containers. They were great and cheaper than buying bags.

From aliboo ~ Ruthie has one for a drum and I have one for collecting spare change in. But I could have done SO much more after hearing these ideas!

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