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How do you keep formula from being frothy?
~ a message board archive

From Judy: I have been using the RTF Similac at home and bought some powder singles for outings. Each time I mix the powder by shaking the bottle it has a huge amount of foam and bubbles. Is there a way to keep this from happening? If you mix up a whole day's worth in a pitcher does this still happen?

From TraceyM: If you mix a day's worth ahead of time, the bubbles will settle after a little while. Stirring instead of shaking will also cause fewer bubbles. I've also heard you can add a couple drops of Mylicon to the formula and they will go away.

From 737: I put a drop of gas drops in after I shake, the bubbles go down immediately.

From Thumper: You can add the gas drops every time; I asked my doctor and he said it would be just fine! This way it prevents the bubbles from getting in baby's tummy at all because it gets rid of them before they can get to baby's tummy.

From Allison: After shaking, I just unscrew the top and use a spoon to scoop up and remove the foam. Takes about 5 seconds and then I just rinse off the spoon and stick it over in the dish drainer for next time! Much cheaper than putting gas drops in every bottle!

From Thumper: Even if you scoop off the foam, if you look very closely, you can see that there are bubbles all throughout the formula after shaking it up, this is unavoidable. You can get the walmart or kmart brand gas drops which are exactly like Mylicon and SO MUCH CHEAPER! They are less than half the cost of Mylicon and if you check the active ingredients, they are exactly the same as Mylicon.

From Geesebaby: I just make the batch ahead of time and let it settle. Also, if you mix it in one container and then pour it into the bottle, you can pour slowly and avoid dumping the foam almost 100%.

From ukmum: I have found if you make it with cold water, it froths less than with hot water.

From Elizabeth: I don't know if this will help, but for me, it was all in the wrist action Instead of shaking of up and down which was causing a lot of froth in Shakil's bottles (I use a Nestle brand), if you do a swirling circle it mixes but doesn't create the froth.

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