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How do you travel with formula?
~ a message board archive

From DomsMom ~ How do you travel with formula? We do a lot of outings and travel; what do you think is the easiest way to prepare a bottle when traveling? Keeping them cool and heating somewhere, buying the liquid ready-made small bottles and just attaching the nipple, bringing a thermos of warm water and mixing right before eating, etc. Thanks!

From cook8972 ~ Depends on how far the travel and how long I'm going to be gone. If I'm only going to be gone a little while (hour or so), I mix up a full bottle and feed as needed while we're out. If I'm going to be gone for a bit longer, I make the bottles with just water and I have one of those formula containers that lets you pre-measure - holds enough for 3 bottles. When I'm on the go, I've found that the water doesn't have to be warm or hot to mix well (although when I'm at home, I always use warm/hot water).

From ukmum ~ I would take a thermos and make the bottle up about 30 minutes before they were due feeding to give it time to cool.

From MamaJAM ~ We usually get the large cans of ready made (we usually don't travel until our babies are at least 6 months old - just always happens that way - and they are usually drinking 6-8oz at a feeding). We pour the entire can into bottles when it's first opened. We take coolers with ice packs to keep the bottles cool when we're out - we only ever travel places where we'll have a fridge so we keep what bottles we won't be using right away in the room. You can also ask for ice if you're out and your cooler gets too warm. If we're going to be gone for a long tim, we'll often take cans of concentrate formula and bottled water along. (We'd take powdered, but I HATE cleaning up after it!). DON'T FORGET TO TAKE THE BOTTLE/NIPPLE BRUSH AND A SMALL CONTAINER OF DISH SOAP!!!!

From rhwalters ~ I just had this very same problem. We went on a 7 day cruise and didn't have access to a refrigerator. Abby has to take Lactose Free formula and I didn't want to have to take along 3 gallons of bottled water to mix up the powder. Instead I bought the small 4 ounce ready to feed bottles that all you have to do is put the nipple on. They worked GREAT!! I could throw a couple in the diaper bag and they didn't have to be refrigerated at all. I just threw away the bottle when she was done. I bought the nursets on Ebay for $35.00 when they retail for $90.00 on the Similac website. When we travel just for a weekend, I will still use the powder and mix a bottle as needed. I usually add a drop of Mylicon to cut the foam. Have fun on your travels!

From MaryB23 ~ Just a tip I have found works well for travelling with powder . . . I bought 2 sets of Rubbermaid salt and pepper shakers with the flip top lid (I think they are for camping) at Walmart and it is the perfect size for pouring into the bottle of water (we are using the Avent bottles). We had been using the smallest size Rubbermaid storage containers and we always lost a lot of the powder. In fact, this works so well, we use it for the middle of the night feeding, too.

From lathamary ~ When we're just around town, I fill a couple bottles with warm water and keep them in the insulated bag until I need to use a bottle - then I mix the powder. I measure out 5 or 6 ounces beforehand to mix with the water. If we're staying overnight, I bring a big thermos of our water to use and then we heat it up.

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