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Bottle Warmers
~ a message board archive

From JulieD ~ Do you have a bottle warmer you like? I'm curious if you think they're a waste of money or not and if you have one you like. I have Avent bottles (disposable liners) when we use a bottle and the little girl I nanny for uses Platex disposable liners. A warmer that could do both would be wonderful. Any suggestions/ opinions?

From Robin ~ I was given an Avent warmer and it works great, but it really only got used occasionally. Since breastmilk itself shouldn't be microwaved, my daycare provider would nuke a mug of water and then heat the milk in the hot water, rather than keeping the bottle warmer going all day. But the Avent would hold both of your types of bottles. We used the Playtex disposables.

From JulieD ~ Both bottles are breastmilk so the microwave wouldn't work. I was just wondering if it was just as fast on the stove, etc. because I'd love if my husband could take a feeding sometimes at night (but with a very hungry baby, I know time is of the most importance). Thanks for the suggestions!

From Megan311 ~ I never had a bottle warmer, but for us it was just as easy to microwave a bowl of water and stick the bottle in it for a minute or so. As so know, you SHOULD NOT microwave bottles because the milk can get hot spots which can burn baby's mouth and nukking it kills some of the nutrients.

From emmabsmom ~ I did have an Avent bottle warmer. We used Platex Disposables and regular Avent bottles. To be honest, we rarely used it. It was much faster and easier to just microwave a cup of water and then place the bottle into the cup until it was warm enough.

From metta4 ~ I use the avent bottle warmer and really like it. I have not had a problem with it at all.

From cutienibbler ~ I use one by Munchkin brand. I did a little research on them and this one faired well. Its cheap too. I like it .

From mrsrachel ~ We used avent; it was fine.

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