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Transitioning to Whole Milk
By Jennifer J. Francis, MPH, RD/LD

Jennifer FrancisQ. I know you switch babies to whole milk at 12 months. Do you have to transition them? My son is almost 10 months, and I am starting to think about this. He didn't need the half breast milk/half formula when we switched him to formula. If you do need to spend some time transitioning, do you start at 12 months or a little before? How much does a typical 1 year old drink of the whole milk? Thanks!

A. You should not start the whole milk at all until 12 months of age. Whether or not you need to transition depends on your child. A lot of babies need a little bit of transitioning to get used to the taste. Others have no problem switching right off. Another issue is temperature; if your little guy is used to having his formula warmed, he may not take to cold milk at first.

As with the addition of any new food, watch carefully to note any adverse reactions.

Kids age 1-3 years old need about 500 mg of calcium per day, the equivelant of two 8-oz glasses of milk.

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