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Success Second Time Around

Keri's story:

With my first child I was only 16 but still completely dedicated to the idea to breastfeed my son. After he was born in the hospital we got him to latch the first time and he did great, but after that he refused. We found out that he was tongue-tied so he had an extremely hard time nursing. Within a week of his birth, I switched him to formula; I was crushed.

When I found out I was pregnant again, I was again determined to nurse. My second son was born weighing in at a whopping 10 lbs. His pediatrician said that I had to supplement with formula or he would lose too much weight since he was so big. Well he never wanted to nurse after he was given a bottle. Again I was unable to nurse.

My third baby was born at 32 weeks gestation and was in the NICU for just a week. I pumped and nursed him the whole time and continued to nurse him until he started to lose weight. We could not figure out why and I thought that it must be me so I quit nursing and gave him formula when he was a month old.

Four years later, I got pregnant again. I was older this time and a lot wiser about breastfeeding. I looked up tons of information so that I could succeed this time; I was more determined then ever. I did not buy any bottles nor did I have any formula in the house. I felt that it would make it to easy to switch to them if they were around. My beautiful daughter was born by cesarean section and I stressed to everyone I saw in the hospital to not give her a bottle because I was nursing. About an hour after I had her, we tried to nurse and she latched right on and did really good for the first twenty four hours. Then she started screaming and refused to nurse no matter what. The lactation consultant came in and tried to help me but she just refused to latch so after she had not eaten for 12 hours. They said that they had to give her a bottle. I relented and let them. She took the bottle really good and four hours later she threw it all up and went back to nursing and nursed like a pro. I went home and found that I was really sore and bleeding but I thought that she was latched right so I kept nursing her. She was only sucking on the end of my nipple and she caused it to crack and bleed. I dealt with the pain for two weeks and after that it has been smooth sailing. She is now six months old and still going strong. I am so glad that I finally was able to have this wonderful nursing relationship; it has been the most wonderful experience.


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