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When did AF visit for Full-Time Nursing Mommies?
~ A Message Board Archive

Ed. Note: AF means "Aunt Flo" - a nickname for your period.

 From TPeck ~ Hunter is now 7.5 months and I still have not seen AF! Not that I'm complaining, I was just wondering if this was normal?? What is average for a full-time nursing mommy?

 From sbrower ~ For me, it was about six weeks after I stopped nursing completely.

 From Gayesy ~ It can really very! I have heard of women who get AF back at 2 months, even with exclusive on-cue nursing. I didn't get my first AF until Thomas was about 31 months old and had just started decreasing his nighttime nursing (he started going about 4-5 hours without a nurse).

 From JKsMom ~ With my first two children, I got AF back at 10 months. Food was introduced at four months with my first and around six months with my second. I am nursing my third and I expect AF will return around 9-10 months. However, my doctor reminded me that one can ovulate without AF showing up, so that it is important to be careful to avoid pregnancy if that is not the desired outcome.

 From SusanH ~ Oh, no, Gayesy! Say it isn't so! I want to get pregnant later this year and no AF in sight for me (after 13 months). I really hope it doesn't take 31 months!!

 From Cararocky ~ Everyone is different. I got mine back with my son a few weeks after he weaned. With dd while nursing I got it around 17 1/2 months. You can still ovulate and get pregnant even if you don't have a period. You're more likely to ovulate before a period if you don't have your period by 12 months.

 From Yosemite ~ I still haven't seen AF. A nice break isn't it? My last period was October of 99!!

I, too, am working full time (an abbreviated week) and nursing on cue (I pump at work) when DD and I are together. Isn't it great to be able to work and breastfeed?

 From 2under2 ~ I haven't seen her since September 98!! I got pregnant when dd was 8 months old with no problem - so hang in there!

 From KristaLove ~ Dd was 10 months, and now that ds is 10 months I'm wondering if I'll see AF soon. It is so weird that in the past four years I've seen AF only 10 times! I don't even know what brand to buy! I'll be like a deer in the headlights when it's time to buy supplies!

 From Allie ~ I got AF the day after Thanksgiving 2000, after 9 months of breastfeeding. Solids were introduced at 4 months and dd has always had a pacifier.

Since Thanksgiving, I have had a total of two periods. I am currently waiting for AF at this very moment. It is hard to tell if I am late as my first cycle length was 40 days, and my second was 35 days. I am now at day 37 and I have had lower back cramps for the past 48 hours. So, I hope it is implantation cramping and not AF!!!

As soon as af showed in November, DH and I started ttc #2. DD is still nursing 4 times a day or so. I don't want to have to wean in order to get pregnant, but if I'm not pregnant by September, then I will think about weaning.

 From PaulaSue ~ With my first DD it came the week of her first birthday. I nursed her for 18 months and I got pregnant while still nursing her. I am hoping it stays away that long again!

 From Licagita ~ Taryn is 8 months and I just got my first AF, oh well - it was nice while it lasted.

 From jlsmom2x ~ I just got my first official visit from AF last Saturday. There were a few times I thought AF, but no. My doctor said it was just my body's way of trying to "break through". DS is 9 1/2 months old and still breastfeeding strong, but she came anyway. With DD, AF didn't come back for almost 18 months. I breastfed DD for 16 months and was on Depo shot and didn't get AF until I started on birth control pills again.

 From AmyD ~ AF didn't return until my son was 26 months. It was WONDERFUL!! Now I am on depo so I will never know when it would've started because I don't have a period when on depo.

 From June27baby ~ My DS is 8 1/2 months, and still no AF!

 From mama2ema ~ Seven months and no AF---YIPPEE!

 From Jimes mom ~ I was a full time nursing mom until my baby was three months and a half, then I came back to work and started pumping and nursing three times or twice a day and Im still doing it. I took two Depo shots, the last one in October (which was supposed to lasted until January), and AF came back last week.

 From Rainey ~ Nate is 9 1/2 months and still no sign of her.

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