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What Is Your Most Favorite Thing About Breastfeeding?
~ A Message Board Archive

 From Juliet ~ The most favorite was when she rooted, but now that she has stopped that I think my favorite is when she first latches on and gets the first taste of milk and her eyes roll back into her head and she groans in pleasure!

 From BabyBean ~ I love that too; it's the look of pure satisfaction and contentment. I also just love how she hums with each swallow, especially when she's really hungry.

 From June27baby ~ Everything When he was tiny I loved the squeaky noises he'd make while eating. Now I love how when I open my bra flap, he dives for it, making these cute noises! I also love the look he gets when he starts drinking, like it's pure heaven!

 From missmeg ~ Christian likes to pull stuff when he nurses, and I think it is soooo cute. If I have a blanket over him, he pulls the blanket on and off to the rhythm of his nursing. If there is no blanket, he goes for my shirt. I've tried hold his hand, but he'd rather feel fabric, I guess.

 From luv2beemom ~ My dd liked to stroke my face (or any other part of me that she could reach) while breastfeeding. She's not breastfeeding any more, and I really miss that. I can't wait until my new little one comes and I can make a whole new list of new favorite things!!

 From traci ~ Oh my gosh . . . I am SOOOO pragmatic. I love how easy it is to feed Noah outside of our house!

 From 2under2 ~ I love the "milk drunk" look ds gives me when he's finished with his bedtime nursing session - he can hardly keep his eyes open and there is usually some milk trying to escape out of the corner of his mouth! I also love the look he gives me when I come home from work and he doesn't have to have ANOTHER bottle!

 From Ramona ~ I think my favorite is when I nurse her for the first time, when I get home from work, the closeness that we share as we snuggle together.

 From Ms.Dmoe ~ I love it when DD wiggles with glee and smiles when I take out the breast.

 From BeccaD ~ Oh, I needed this reminder today. We were up ALL NIGHT nursing. My favorite thing is knowing how healthy she is. I was such a sick baby, and Maddie is an ox! I also love the singing noises she makes when she's really happy nursing.

 From Cammie ~ I love the milk leaking out the side of her mouth, I love when she hums all through the feeding! I love that when she is fussy and just had too much I can always latch her on and she immediately calms down.

 From weedsmommy ~ I love how she twirls my hair around her finger when she's breastfeed and that sweet milky smile she gives me when she's done.

 From Emama ~ My favorite thing used to be the milk-drunkenness of a newborn, but now it's the way he lunges towards my chest ("No, no, son, you're supposed to look at their faces if they're watching," dh helpfully explains.

 From missmeg ~ Dh and I call that the "Drunken Sailor" look! Too funny!

 From SpringsGal ~ I love the milk drunk smile when he is done, the little sighs he gives while eating, the smiling at my breast while eating and now he pops off and actually smiles up at me! So wonderful!

 From Gayesy ~ I love practically everything about it! When he was tiny, I loved the little sighs, the little ears wiggling and that contented sleepy look. As Thomas got older, I loved the "Ho ho" as I started to undo my bra and the lip smacking! Now Thomas talks to "the bees" (I am serious!) and thanks them for making such yummy milk for him. He still falls asleep at the breast some nights too and I love that soft, sleepy little body on me. Ahhhh.

 From mystique ~ What is there not to love about it (except the growth spurt we are now going through). She gets sooo excited now when the "num nums" are revealed, and "mmm mmm" good is what she thinks about what mommy is giving her.

 From Kathleen ~ The little victory stretch my son does after he has had a good nursing session! My little drunken sailor.

 From Liisa ~ So much! I love the dive, the hum, the grunt if I'm not fast enough, the smile with milk running out of the corners of her mouth, getting us sticky. I especially love the way she holds onto my shirt so it is out of her way.

 From Buttercup ~ I love it when my DS smiles while nursing. It's so cute! I also love how easy it is to feed him anytime and anywhere.

 From Nipper ~ I love how excited she gets when I unsnap my bra. And my favorite sounds in the world are the hums she makes when she's really hungry, and I'm really full - like first thing in the morning. It's like total satisfaction.

 From MariaV ~ Oh, God, I love everything. Especially the moans he makes while eating, and how when he sees the breast he moves towards it with his little mouth opening and closing. But mostly, even though usually I'm exhausted, I love the 3 am feeding in the glider, by the window in the moonlight, and his looking up at me as if to say: "Thanks for getting up to feed me mommy." Oh, I wanna cry now!

 From ACheryl ~ There's so much about it I love, actually, there's nothing about it I don't love! I enjoy making him smile while latched on. I love the drunk look. When I would get really engorged I loved the feeling of the milk flowing out. It felt so good, that's rare now since I don't get engorged. Now he's a year old and he will position himself in my lap when he wants a drink; it's so darn cute!

 From Cynmom ~ I love how sweet it is too and also how easy it is. Lying down and breastfeeding is so easy. Baby does all the work and I don't have to get up to fix anything--it's right there.

 From MelissaF ~ I love how he holds his little hands on my breast and when he's nice and full, pulls off and looks at me with a milky grin!

 From Amieee ~ Right now, I just love the precious look on my baby's face when she first comes off after a good feeding. It's just adorable!

 From laddmom ~ I love the fact that it slows me down and reorganizes my priorities.

 From KristaLove ~ Just that unbeatable feeling of closeness and togetherness that I don't feel from any other activity the kids and I share.

 From weedsmommy ~ That milky smile of contentment after she gets done eating, the feeling of empowerment, knowing that my body is doing what it was created to do, knowing that no matter how independent she is becoming, she still needs her mommy.

 From missmeg ~ The sheer excited smile and enthusiasm I see in his eyes when he knows it's "boobie time!"

 From kellyl ~ Yes, I agree, but I also like being able to go anywhere without toting bottles, ice and warmers . . .

 From katiesmama ~ I love the little "baby sighs" he does when he's feeding. It's like he's saying to me how content he is, almost like a thank you!

 From Cynmom ~ I can lie down and the baby does all the work.

 From abuddi ~ Definitely the closeness and the drunken state dd gets in when she's all done.

 From Emama ~ These days I love how funny it is to nurse an older baby. DS is very expressive when he wants to nurse! The past few days, though, what I've loved most is how easy it is to feed a sick child. Emmett got the flu, so keeping him hydrated was a concern. Fortunately, he wanted to nurse just as often so we stopped solids, nursed frequently, and now he's all better!

 From littlebit ~ That little bird mouth Shea makes until he latches on. And when dh, baby and I all snuggle under the covers at night for a baby feeding. Perfection!

 From djk42 ~ I never really had a favorite (still don't I guess) but last night Aren did the cutest thing. He was humming while nursing, something he has done before and I have always asked him to stop. His eyes kept closing so I asked him if he was singing himself to sleep and he nodded. He hummed until he was asleep, then I carried him to bed (we were on the couch). It was delightful.

 From Ramona ~ I love reconnecting with her after a long day at work. We get home, sit on the couch and just enjoy each other. I also love how it forces me to sit down and relax.

 From JenElizabeth ~ The way she stops fussing and her eyes light up when she sees me and realizes that it's time to eat! No bottles to prepare and wash! Her food is always ready! Also, when people comment on how beautiful she is and how big she is getting, I can feel doubly proud!

 From Katarina ~ The smell of my babies close to me. I'm only three weeks into my babies, so it's just starting to get fun, and sometimes feeding the twins can be an all day, rather taxing affair, but all I have to do is smell their heads or think of their skin, and goosh! Big letdown! I find that every time I smell my own skin, it reminds me of my babies, and I can't believe that I'm wishing they would wake from their naps, just so I can feed them again!

 From lolly ~ I love the little excited cough he gives when I pull up my shirt. I love when he sings or talks while nursing (even if it's most often when pooping and how it relaxes my busy-bodied boy!

 From Belinda ~ Oh, do I have to choose? I just love everything! I love the little grunting noises he makes while he's nursing, and I love being able to choose whether or not I want to sit on the couch and feed him or go back to the bedroom and lie down--either way, I get to take a break! Also, although I'd much rather nurse him around the clock, I like being able to take breaks at work to to go and pump. I've got a locked office with an awesome view! I've also got a clock radio on my nursing table, so I'm pumping, listening to my favorite jazz station and gazing out of a window.

 From MelissaF ~ I love how now at seven months he gets all excited when dh hands him to me to nurse. He's like a plane coming in for a landing with his mouth wide open and as soon as he gets a touch of the nipple he goes "ahhhh..." I just love that!

 From katgirl67 ~ The looks of anticipation and the pleasure Max gets from eating . . . I call them Homer sighs . . . he reminds me of Homer Simpson when he's completely satiated. I don't know why, but it cracks me up. I can't believe how nervous and scared I was about breastfeeding before delivery; I wouldn't trade this experience for the world.

 From marie ~ When Leah looks up at me with a big gummy smile after eating. Soooooo cute! I also love the fact that I am supplying her with the best.

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