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Favorite breastfeeding positions
~ A Message Board Archive

 From Nancy E ~ What turned out to be your favorite breastfeeding position and why? Moms-to-be may be interested in knowing all the options and what worked for you. Was it the middle of the night feeding, while lying in bed next to your baby? Or was it in a rocking chair, in a cradle hold? Did you use the "clutch hold?" (sitting upright, your baby is tucked under your arm like a clutch handbag, legs behind you, face looking up at you.) What other positions did you discover?

 From phishy ~ Clutch all the way! Or, as I like to call it, the football hold. My son really took to it better than anything else. I am looking forward so much to share that experience again with our next baby in the Spring.

 From PaulaSue ~ My favorite is the cradle hold position with my boppy. I just love looking down into their eyes and hearing the little (and not so quiet sometimes) noises they make.

 From rareimer ~ We used the clutch hold for the first few months. That was all I was shown in the hospital because I had a c-section. Neither one of us could figure out how to get coordinated enough to do anything else. Gradually as she got neck control, we learned the cross-cradle and the cradle position. Somewhere in there I figured out side-lying, which is still my favorite. Nothing better than relaxing, falling asleep, and waking up with my little Jassy still latched on! We mostly use the cradle hold during the day though.

 From Mouse ~ We use the cross cradle hold during the day, and side lying in bed. I keep trying the cradle hold, but even with 2 years experience and 2 kids, I still can't get it to work. I think my boobs are too big for it. Of course now that Emily is bigger and can help herself, she can nurse from pretty much anywhere she can reach from, as long as I am supporting the breast. She can get pretty acrobatic!

 From Trixi ~ As newborns, both sons did best with the football hold - they were both c-section babies and this position worked the best. When they got older, the best position for us has been the cross cradle with the aid of a Boppy Pillow. I LOVE the Boppy Pillow.

 From happymom ~ Starting out, it was the cross-cradle hold so I could get her latched properly and hold her head in place. After we got the hang of it, the cradle position, definitely.

 From lilpea ~ Sitting on the couch with my legs folded "indian-style" and baby laying on the boppy. We still use that position in the mornings at 11 months.

 From dominic'smom ~ Laying down! Both my boys have preferred this position. However, It's very hard to do out and about. The mall tends to frown on you stretching out on a bench and taking a milky nap.

 From jennluvs2aprilboys ~ Because I'm lazy and enjoy my sleep I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the side-lying position!!!! Laying down on the bed and dozing while baby dozes and/or nurses was what got me through those first few weeks of breastfeeding

 From InsomniaMom ~ We started off with cross cradle, and now use the cradle hold most of the time, with side lying at night.

 From ErinFiat ~ The cross cradle hold saved our latch and nursing relationship in the beginning. My daughter liked to bob her head a lot, but did great with the support of my hand to keep her on. After a couple months, we mastered the side by side and I magically got sleep (ok, so it wasn't with my husband, but I was desperate). I found that being fuller figured seemed to effect positions that worked for us--my SIL had a completely different experience and used different positions.

 From Jer ~ Laying down. I'm inherently lazy, I guess, but both of my nurslings and I all prefer to nurse cuddled up in ned, lying down. Very cozy (and soooo easy!).

 From Kathleen ~ With my first two, the cradle hold was definitely our preferred position. I was never able to have much success lying down, so the cradle was what worked best for us. However, by the time I had my third, and sleep became an even more precious commodity than ever, I decided to work on the lying down position. Once I mastered it, it quickly became my favorite. There is nothing better than lying down with your baby while he or she nurses. It's the best feeling in the world!

 From karin ~ We mostly use the cradle hold and side lying positions now although my daughter is quite the acrobat and tries some crazy ways to get latched on. I think I like side lying best-otherwise I wouldn't get any sleep!

When my daughter was born, we couldn't get her to latch in any of the conventional positions. Finally my husband got her to latch by me laying on my side while she laid on her side with her feet at my shoulders and head pointing towards my feet. We called it the "TJ" (in honor of my husband) and that is the only way she would nurse for the first week or so.

 From lizamac ~ Just the plain old fashioned cradle hold - and of course laying down next to her.

 From Frogmorest ~ My favorite hold hands down is the side lying... ahhhh... heaven! I love just latching her on and getting to doze back off to sleep. We usually use the football (clutch) hold during the day but we are working on the cradle hold. I just can't get that darn cross cradle to work for me!

 From miche ~ Cross-cradle all the way! The size of my breasts makes the cradle hold impossible (I'd suffocate the baby!) I had a c-section with my first and major nursing problems so the football hold is all we used for a long time. It was the position that offered the best control. Then I learned the cross-cradle which felt more cuddly. Eventually I learned to nurse lying down with the help of pillows for support. With my second when I tandem nursed, I held the older child in the cross-cradle position and the younger was propped on the older's abdomen in the football hold. All of this with the help of a twin sized nursing pillow of course.

 From catkrazy99 ~ Laying down!

 From Diamond Wishes ~ You'd think after nursing for so long I would have figured out the lying down position, but I never have! I still hold Raegan in the cradle position. It has always been my favorite.

 From KimberlyAnn327~ Cradle hold is my favorite. I think I tried just about every position due to cracked and bleeding nipples. I tried laying down but for some reason, it just doesn't work for me.

 From MommyBear ~ For us, nothing is better than drifting off to sleep with Timmy latched on and snuggled close. Plus, I have overactive letdown so laying down kinda slows the flow of milk for him.

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