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How do you refer to breastfeeding when speaking to your baby?
~ A Message Board Archive

From Kathleen ~ When I speak to my son and ask him if he wants to breastfeed, I always ask him if he wants to do "nursie nursie." I don't know where I picked it up, but I know I said it with my older son, too. When I nursed my daughter, though, I think I simply asked her if she wanted to nurse. I love saying "nursie nursie," though. It's my affectionate way of referring to something that is so special to the two of us.

How about everyone else? Does anyone else have a cute way of referring to breastfeeding that you use with your baby?

From netter ~ When I pick up Taylor to feed I always ask her if she wants to "go nursin" or I will say "let's go nurse awhile"

From Ramona ~ I refer to it as bite. Bite is both the act of nursing and the breast itself.

From Clio ~ "Mam mam." I chose it mostly because nobody else knows what it means. At 20 months old, my daughter just learned to pronounce it correctly.

From luv2beemom ~ We call it "UMMIES". It stuck with Rachel, and we use the same word for Fox. I'll say "Do you wanna have ummies?" or Rachel will say "Can I hold your ummies?" (even though she's weaned, she still likes to cuddle them.)

From hedra ~ My son would sing out "LA!" when he saw my breast coming if he was particularly hungry, so I started calling it 'Lala'. To this day, he knows that breasts have a name (breast), but he almost always refers to them as 'lalas' (like, "mommy, can I sleep on your lalas?'). (My best friend suggested that I come up with a term I wouldn't mind hearing yelled across a crowded room by a toddler 'just in case you are nursing that long, you might not want to have your kid yelling "I WANT SOME BOOBIE" in church!')

From Ursula ~ "Do you want to nursie nurse?" (I don't know where that comes from!) AND "Do you want some milk?"

From abuddi ~ I also ask if my daughter wants to nursie.

From June27baby ~ I ask him "Do you want some boobie"? He calls it ba ba.

From Emama ~ We use "chi chi", which is Spanish for many things (as I discovered in the International Forum!), including "breasts" and "nursing". I also use "little snack" ("Would you like a little snack?") which inadvertently came from the pediatrician. When my son was two weeks old, she said we shouldn't be letting my son nurse as little snacks. Whoops, guess we forgot to follow her advice!

From Chaos Queen ~ I ask her if she wants some "milkies!"

From kac67 ~ I don't know why but I'm now saying "num nums."

From TES ~ We picked up my MIL's phrase "nummies" I would often say "yummies" or "mommy's milk" but my son would generally reply with his own version of "nummies" or "yummies" which came out "numinies" It was soooo cute!! This was all with son #2. Son #1 wasn't interested in talking much when he was still nursing. So, he never had a cute name for it.

From JKY ~ With Mondo, it's milk or a snack. The big kids asked for tittie!

From JennB2 ~ We call it "na na." I had to find something she could pronounce at nine months (she started talking very early with "mama" at seven months) because she would try to tell me she wanted to nurse by biting me! So it was in my best interest to find a different, easy way for her to ask.

From SusanH ~ I'm so boring. I just ask if she wants to nurse. Since she seems to be slightly language delayed, I'm concerned about using made up words. She has enough work to do learning the real ones! I love hearing what babies decide to call it, though. Their made up words are always so sweet!

From KristaLove ~ Ninnies. My daughter just complemented me a few days ago that I make the best ninny milk in town! hee hee hee

From Erin ~ I call it "boobyjuice." I picked that up when I was nursing my first son TJ, and that is what Kel called it . . . it stuck! Coincidentally, I suppose I should find something a bit more appropriate . . . I want to nurse Derek until HE decides to stop!

From Acheryl ~ I just ask him if he wants a drink. I did that with my first son too. I can tell when I ask, he looks to see if I have a sipper cup, but he knows by time of day if I mean nurse or a sipper.

From Gayesy ~ I used to ask Thomas if he wanted any "Mummy milk". Then he coined the term "the bees" and that has stuck ever since. He can say "breastfeed" perfectly well by now of course, but prefers to say "having the bees".

From OregonMama ~ My baby is still very young, so I usually say, "Are you hungry?" Or something of that nature. However, I have often wondered what he will refer to it as when he gets older. My daughter was bottlefed, and her first word she ever said was "Ba ba"(bottle). So I am wondering what I should start calling it for Jeffrey. Thanks for this post, it helps!

From bfmum ~ I ask my little fellow if it's time for nursies. (He says yes by lunging at my shirt, mouth wide open! )

From Cari'sMommy ~ DH and I always said the boob food or something along that . . . but Cari started calling it "Nay Nay" when she was about 8 or 9 months old and it has stuck, now we all refer to it as Nay Nay . . . LOL. It is nice to have a secret "code word" for it when we are out in public, but when we are in the grocery store and she is in the cart and lifting up my shirt and trying to stick her head under it while I am pushing her down the aisle it really doesn't matter what she is calling it . . . LMAO

From ShelleyJ ~ Up until TJ weaned five days ago , I used to ask him if he wanted his "milkies". Now he calls them "bookies" and "my book" (my milk).

From marie ~ I say "do you want nursie poo how are you?" It all runs together . . . you'd have to hear me say it to get it! Or, just "nursie"

From weedsmommy ~ I used to say, "Time for some boob", but realized that I don't want a toddler talking like that. Around six months I started calling it 'nursies', so now that Gabrielle is discovering language, she calls it 'nee nee'. Now I ask her if she wants some 'nee nee' and she dives at me, mouth wide open!

From oz's mommy ~ This is hilarious!!! What a fun fun thread! I usually ask my son if he wants some "momma moo", or I say, "Let's go for a snuggle anna snack". He doesn't really use words yet, but he uses his sign and asks me by patting his mouth . . .or when more insistent, patting my mouth!

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