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Secrets of Breastfeeding Success!
~ A Message Board Archive

From Gayesy ~ I think it would be great if we could all share the secrets of our success. By success, I am not specifying any particular amount of time breastfeeding, but rather keeping going for as long as you wanted to.

I think that what has helped me through the challenges along the way has included:

  • motivation, knowing that breast really is best, and that it is so worth it to persevere
  • getting expert help when I needed it
  • the support of other breastfeeding mums
  • having faith in my baby and in my body to be able to do what it is designed to do

From huntergirl ~ Well, I hope to be able to answer this in a few months. My girls all weaned themselves when I got pregnant again. Hopefully, these boys will be able to keep nursing for more than nine or ten months! As for what kept me nursing as long as I did with each child, I think Gayesy said it all perfectly! I can't think of anything I'd add.

From Terrilein ~ I agree with Gayesy 100% and would add that the bonding I have with my daughter when nursing has made me a breastfeeding addict. I can't get enough of it and don't ever want to stop!

From krissa ~ Great idea! I am still kind of new to this, but what has kept me going is relaxing about it, and telling myself I can do this. Self confidence has been the key for me. (that, and this board! )

From Kathleen ~ Reading! When I was preparing to breastfeeding my first child, I read everything I could get my hands on about breastfeeding.

~Laziness! I am far too lazy to even contemplate preparing a bottle. The ease of breastfeeding once I got the hang of it was a big motivator for me.

~And last, but certainly not least, the conviction that this was absolutely the best thing for my babies. For me, there has never been an alternative.

From m ~ For me it would be education. Knowing the why's and how's of breastfeeding gives me the motivation to continue through problems and the know-how to solve them.

Also, not ever considering breastfeeding as a choice, but rather as a given and not even considering any alternative. Attitude is everything!

From catkrazy99 ~ Not "knowing" I could give up. All my friends and acquaintances "wanted" to breastfeed, but couldn't. What would these women have done 200 years ago? Breastfeed, that's what. They would not have quit because they would have not option to quit. I see it like I have no other option.

From mom2jazzygirl ~ The attitude that breastfeeding is not an option but the way of life and the cost of formula to confirm the first conviction!

From abuddi ~ I agree with all the responses so far, but I'd also like to add that not watching the calendar and taking one day at a time is a big help. Set small goals for yourself. When I first started, the thought of nursing for at least a year was not in the cards. But as time goes on it did/does get better. Still happily nursing at 18 months . . .

From Laraine ~ Well, some of you may not agree with mine but what has kept me going this long (my baby is only 4 weeks, but I've come so close to giving it up many times over) is knowing that my child will not be "ruined" by the occasional bottle of formula. I'm more relaxed and better able to enjoy our nursing times than when it was all my responsibility. Also, the cost of formula and hassle of bottle making keeps me going.

From JennB2 ~ I agree with everyone (particularly Kathleen's response) but have one more to add . . . **stubbornness** There were so many times I thought about giving in and refused to do just that, give in! I always knew there had to be something good about being so darn stubborn.

From Hope ~ The main reason for me was the guidance, support and information I got from a single place - the StorkNet breastfeeding board. Once I saw how everybody just rolled their and sleeves and did it, I too had to breastfeed through pain and all. And then it got better, convenient and gratifying.

From katgirl67 ~ Patience with the process, myself, and baby . . . reminding myself that this special time will be with me for the rest of my life . . . knowing that if I did give up, it would be the end of easy feedings. Also, formula is stinky going in and stinky coming out . . . enough to keep that out of my baby's tummy forever!

From Lenore ~ What a great post! I have to echo others . . .

  • education - knowing WHY breastfeeding was good, and as much about it as I could learn
  • stubbornness - being determined to get through the rough spots
  • access to help when I needed it most - an LC who is a saint, and this board.
  • Finally, I have to add the support of my DH.

From oz's mommy ~ I tend to agree with all the points so far!!! I do have to add how I felt about putting anything "manufactured" in my sweet newborn baby. "Yuk! I'm not giving him that! Not when I have THIS (breast milk!)" And now he's still a picky eater . . . or should we just say "decisive."

From ATSG ~ Definitely stubbornness, plus knowing that if I gave up I would probably regret it. Educating myself (before having Nik, I never even really thought about breastfeeding. Then when I had problems, I read up quite a bit on it). Formula stains and stinks (Nik had to be supplemented with it a few times until I got him to latch on because he'd lost so much weight). And the MOST important, is my family - my mom especially and my sisters. Without them, I would have given up. I lived with my mom the first month and she helped so much with Nik and with keeping my spirits up. I pretty much owe it to her!!

From Nimna ~ For me it was setting small goals. I couldn't even consider nursing the twins for a year until I had gotten through those first months. I really wanted to quit many times but never found a good enough excuse to let myself. And last but not least is the expression on people's faces when they find out I am nursing twins. I wanted to prove to everyone that it could be done. Become friends with someone who is an extended nurser.

From maya ~ My reasons are:

  • It is the best milk for my baby
  • It is totally free
  • I don't have to get up and make bottles in the middle of the night, or ever for that matter.
  • It is so convenient, no waiting
And, to prove it to myself that I could breastfeed for at least a year. We are going on 8 months and I will continue to breastfeed after one year. I will wean when he is ready.

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