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Help with Tandem Breastfeeding
~ A Message Board Archive

From kbc123 ~ I have a new 4 week old baby and a 21 month old. It's the 21 month old I'm having the problems with. I would have preferred if my son would have weaned himself while I was pregnant with #2, but that just didn't happen. He really loves his "num num". We only nurse at naptime and bedtime.

The problem is that I just don't have a half an hour of quiet time to lay down with him and nurse him to sleep any more. The baby seems to always be awake when its DS's "turn" and I can't go lay down with him while the baby is awake, fussy, etc.

Honestly, I would love to wean DS. DS is high needs and just really NEEDS his num num. The biggest problem is that he just won't go to sleep any other way, unless its carseat/stroller, and that just can't happen every day either. He absolutely refuses to lay down, or stay laying down if I have to get up to go get the baby or something.

So, how can I manage the nurse-to-sleep when baby never cooperates or how can I get DS to go to sleep without nursing??

From mom2jazzygirl ~ Can the baby nurse lying down yet? I had to play around to find this position. But, it was the best thing in the world come naptime with both babies.

I would lay on my side and latch the baby on that side so that we were in a normal side-lying position. Then, I would put a pillow behind my back. I would have the toddler sit with his legs toward my head. He could lean over my side and lay facing me and latch on. This way, he could rest his head on my stomach while he nursed and fell asleep.

I had a friend tell me that she could nurse both of her boys facing the same way. She did something with a pillow to elevate one child higher for the second breast. But, I never figured out what she was doing. Point is, that there are different ways to work it out so that you can nurse them both to sleep simultaneously. In this case, especially with no older children to deal with, I would play around and figure out a position that works.

Another one that worked well for me was on the couch. I would stick a pillow on my lap. Then, I could either put baby in a football or classic cradle hold. Toddler could do a football hold with his head either on the pillow or his sister's lap. Since we were on the couch, he could stretch out and go to sleep that way as well. Never did figure out how to translate that position to a recliner though.

From Moonstone'sMom ~ I wanted to tell you to hang in there. It DOES get better. You and the little ones will work out a system that will work. When my DS was first born (my two are also about 20 months apart), I had the exact same troubles. We all ended up in tears because I could only nurse one at a time. When I learned to nurse them both at once in bed, things got MUCH better. As Johanna said, I would lay down in the regular side-lying position with the baby and I would be sort of halfway on my side, halfway on my back. Then the toddler would lean over my side and nurse. It can be awkward. You can try putting a pillow under the arm that is under the baby. I have been known to sleep myself with both of my kids latched on!

Also, I tried to take advantage of opportune moments. If the baby was calm, I would take the toddler to bed. If I didn't catch the right time, the toddler had to stay up late until things settled down. It was frustrating at the time, but it was temporary.

Now my baby is 7.5 months old and my toddler is 28 months. They both nurse to sleep. The baby loves playing with his sister's hair, and they often hold hands.

Hang in there. It is so great that you are nursing them both.

From djk42 ~ My hubby used to wear the baby in the sling while I put the older kids to bed. He could still play computer games but she felt a comforting heart beat.

We stagger bed times here . . . it gets tiring, and it can be hard to keep them quiet while one goes to bed, but possible.

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