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Uniboober ~ Breastfeeding From One Breast Only
~ A Message Board Archive

 From Melanie ~ So, righty has virtually given up the ghost. My supply is rapidly dwindling despite oatmeal, water, pumping, nursing, and fenugreek and I really need both boobs in working order. Righty is the one that always gets clogged ducts (got TWO right now, in fact) and mastitis. I'm lucky to get a half ounce out of it if I pump and Kyle hates nursing on that side because nothing comes out. Has anyone ever successfully breastfed exclusively on one side? I don't think it's possible for us. I'm just not producing enough...sigh. I think we're at the end of the road.

 From neza ~ I was also in fear of becoming "unbalanced". My lactation consultant recommended the following for plugged ducts, etc. It is hilarious but it really worked. Get yourself a head of plain old green cabbage. Peel off enough leaves to make a bra cup about two leaves thick. Rinse these and soak in ice water for 10 minutes. Then apply these to your breast inside your bra. It's not as uncomfortable as you might think. Anyhow, leave them for 30-45 minutes until the leaves get wilty. Apparently there's some sort of enzyme in there that softens the ducts. Follow this with a hot shower and pump or nurse for as long as you can. It worked for me. I hope it will for you.

 From Melanie ~ I've had a dozen clogged ducts and a couple cases of mastitis and with each one, the supply from my right breast would decrease. Now it's just a big fibrotic mess of worthless tissue. If my right one were keeping up with my left, I'd be doing fine. I do NOT want to wean him; I just may not have a choice.

 From m ~ I'm sorry things are getting so rough. I can relate as Frankie has been super fussy and not satisfied at the breast. We gave him a bottle of frozen breastmilk and he sucked it down in what seemed like seconds. So I'm going to start trying to get my milk up--bring on the oatmeal, tea, fenugreek, pump, etc...

Anyhow, the side that I got mastitis on was never the same; it's my right side too. It is actually smaller and produces less than my left side. I'm not very lucky with the pump. I don't get much from either side and am much luckier hand expressing. I don't have much advice except that you might want to try meeting with a lactation consultant if you really don't want to give up nursing. My sister was telling me about this nursing shop . They have LC's that will offer free advice. Have you tried the LC here on SN? She might help too.

I have to say, I think that you have done/are doing a wonderful job and I think it's great that you've made it through with all of those clogged ducts and infections.

 From Gayesy ~ I wouldn't give up on poor old "righty" just yet! Keep trying and see how you go. If the worst comes to the worst, then you CAN breastfeed from just one side. Your supply would increase to meet the demand - there is no reason why it wouldn't. It works on supply and demand, so if there is all the demand on the left side, that side will make all the milk. There is really not set limit to what a breast can produce! Have faith in your boobs!!

 From Farmgirldll ~ I wonder why you keep getting clogged ducts and mastitis? Could it be related to his latch, ya think? I had mastitis a week after Michael was born and I noticed a blister on my left nipple. Once that was gone, I got better, but it was his latch that was off. Once I fixed that we were fine. Someone posted on here about popping those blisters. It just baffles me why you keep having those problems. I agree with Gaysey, keep trying. Michael used to favor my right boob and the supply on my left was definitely down. Now, for the past week, he's been favoring my left. Go figure. And I can pump quite a few ounces from the right but I can hardly ever get anything from my left, even when I am engorged.

 From divinebovine ~ This may sound terrible, but it's worth a shot - my Grandma's remedy (she grew up on a farm): mastitis and blockages in cows were treated with massage and constant milking before antibiotics came along, so get some vegetable-based massage oil, using your fingertips in a circular motion rub the clogged areas in your breast, and if you have a pump, use it every two hours or so (massage before every pumping). Keep drinking a lot of water. Apply wet heat (showers or damp towel around hot water bottle) four times a day. It's a big time commitment, but I had a lot of problems with clogged ducts when I started breastfeeding because Bennett had a lousy latch, and two days of this treatment worked wonders for me. (Another reason I go by divinebovine - giving myself the cow treatment...)

 From kac67 ~ There was a radio contest here last week and a woman pumped 14 oz out of one side by hand - more than i can get out of both all weekend! You'll probably just be a bit lopsided! hmmm... another chapter.

 From SusanH ~ I'm the one nursing solely from one side. Believe me, it wasn't my choice! But it was such a HUGE battle to get Susy to take the right side that I gave in. If I had it to do over again, I would try much harder to get her to nurse on the right, largely because I am so incredibly lopsided right now. Actually, she will occasionally nurse on the right side now when she solely wants to comfort nurse - I think she knows that she won't have any inconvenient milk coming out of that side!

Anyway, I've had no problems with nursing on one side other than occasionally getting slightly sore if she wants to nurse a lot during illness or growth spurts and the aforementioned bizarre appearance of my breasts.

 From Melanie ~ Thanks all, for your replies. I'm going to do my best over the next few days to get my supply back up, but nothing so far has worked and I'm tired of starving my child. Please be thinking of me and my boobs over the next few days!

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