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Breastfeeding Success!! ~ Coleen's Story
Nursing Twins

My success story or what others might call semi-success story . . . I am the proud mom of boy/girl twins born vaginally in August 2000. I had no complications, and we went home in 2 days. I breastfed both babies three hours after they were born (advice, don't let them take the babies until you can nurse them!). My daughter took to it like a pro, but my son needed help. The lactation consultant helped me in the hospital, and we thought we were good to go home.

When they were two weeks old, my son stopped nursing so after 1/2 a day, we went to the doctor, and they said he was ok. I talked with a lactation consultant, and she gave me some advice. He started nursing again but a week later my nipple became raw! To make a long story short, I spent the next 2 months trying everything while pumping for him. He just refused to take the nipple into his mouth, including bottle nipples. As he got older, he would hold the nipple just enough to suck. I would put him on a breast twice a week (which he loved until he was six months but he became a formula baby at three months. I nursed my daughter until nine months and stopped only because of meds I had to take.

The four weeks of breastfeeding both were so easy compared to when I had to go to bottles. I used my twin nursing pillow until they were four months old and fed them at the same time from birth. I found the same time easier and a time saver. I consider myself a success because I didn't give up until the lactation consultant said so and that I continued to nurse my daughter. Breastfeeding was the most wonderful experience, and I cried when it ended.


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