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Breastfeeding Success!! ~ Diana's story
by Diana Johnston

My first baby, William, was born on June 14th, 2002 and he has been totally breastfed. I first nursed him about an hour after he was born. For the first couple of days, he wouldn't open up his mouth very wide so his latch was a little weird, but when he could stay awake, he would nurse for about 30 minutes at a time and my milk came in on the third day. I didn't know my milk had come in until my mother felt the top of my breasts and she said there was milk in them and sure enough, next time I nursed him, I saw a little drop of milk in the corner of his mouth! I was so excited and proud!

We like to say that little William is a "professional nurser" because he eats all the time! For the first month he would nurse every 2-3 hours but would eat for about 45 minutes each time. Then, during his second month, he went to nursing every hour for about 15 minutes. That month he gained 3 pounds and grew and inch and a half! What a growth spurt! I did have quite a problem with sore nipples for the first month. I would get blisters and they would crack and bleed. I also had clogged ducts in each breast but those always cleared up in a few hours and now that I don't have anymore blisters, I haven't had anymore clogged ducts. I highly recommend the Lansinoh lanolin for your nipples. That saved my life! All I can say is hang in there if you're in pain. It will go away when your nipples toughen up.

I've also been able to pump and he will take a bottle no problem. I have a manual pump that doesn't get a whole lot of milk out but it will do for now as I'm still home with the baby.

William is now almost 3 months old and I plan on nursing him as long as I can. He's so happy and healthy and plump and he's proof that breastmilk is best.


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