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Breastfeeding Success!! ~ Erin's Story
Nursing Twins

I currently have three-month old twin nurslings. We have been nursing exclusively thus far and we plan on continuing until they're at least one-year old, or longer! I know it's daunting and it's hard to find support, but you can do it!

I found it very helpful to make contact with my local La Leche League leaders, just in case I ended up having any troubles. I bought a double-electric breast pump and pumped after every nursing session in the beginning, for about 5-10 minutes. This method really boosted my supply and I had enough milk for more than two babies.

It's very important to eat when you're hungry and drink when you're thirsty, and try and get some sleep. For a couple of weeks I was pumping into bottles so my husband could take a couple of feedings and let me rest--I would still have to get up to pump, to make sure my body kept producing, but I could pump much faster than the babies were eating at that point.

I'm not sure why numerous people make breastfeeding multiples seem impossible, but it's not. There is even one woman in my Mother of Twins group that breastfed until her girls were two! You will be successful . . . I would take a breastfeeding class, read about breastfeeding (there's a great book called Mothering Multiples), hook up with other mothers of twins for their stories of success, meet a LLL leader and take a deep breath.

I want to add that it's not always easy. You're going to be exhausted physically and emotionally. You're going to feel like you're nursing a litter, but it gets easier with time. I have had plugged ducts and mastitis, but it's easy to get through those things when you put it all in perspective-this is such a short time in your life and in theirs, but you're doing so much for them by breastfeeding. Some days I wish I could have a bit of a break, but I know I will dread the day when my girls decide to wean.

Also, don't let anyone tell you it's harder to nurse after a c-section. My girls were delivered via c-section and we nursed about an hour or so after the surgery. I was throwing up in a barf bag that my husband was holding, while nursing my girls . . . be strong. I would suggest getting your babies on the same schedule from the earliest time you can and try and nurse them together, in a football hold, when you're ready . . . this will give you more free time.

Congratulations, having twins is so special!


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