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Breastfeeding Success!! ~ Nicole's Story
by Nicole Brideau

I'm the mom of five beautiful children, all having breastfed for the entire first year of their lives (except for my fifth who is only six months old and nursing like a trooper). Although I take for granted just how easy breastfeeding is now, every time I see a new mom struggling to nurse her new bundle and all too often giving up in those first few weeks I think back twelve years ago.

After the birth of my first son I was determined to do what I knew was best for my new baby. Being a young mother from a small community, there was little I was confident about, but I did know no matter what I would breastfeed! At the hospital all went very smoothly and luckily my baby latched well and was very contented between feedings; my confidence was boosted!! At home all went during the first week or so, then I noticed I was becoming slightly sore but never thought to worry about it. Whithin days my nipples had become extremely red, cracked and bleeding to the point that if my son would spit up after a feed he would spit up blood with his milk! Well, I tried contacting help, but ressourses for breastfeeding mothers was almost non-existent where I was from (and never mind trying to breastfeed in public!!). After almost a month of dreading my baby waking for his feeds and having tried all the "cures" suggested by the VON nurses, everything from using my own milk as ointment to running around the house topless to let my breast air dry (this was great when my milk would leak and leave puddles all over the house!!). I was miserable and really doubting myself when I finally went to my family doctor. He was an older doctor so I didn't expect much help, but I wouldn't quit just yet! He suggested using Lecithin tablets (the oil inside the caplets) as an ointment and helped me with my latch. Within days I was cured and except for the scars on both my nipples where the "cuts" had been so deep, my baby and I were on our way to a great new breastfeeding experience!I

Now I live in a much larger city and breastfeeding is far more accepted, encouraged and supported. I now breastfeed while chasing my other children, while shopping, while sleeping with my baby safely tucked in next to me and even now while I type you this story! To all the mothers out there, breast is best and the rewards to overcoming the obstacles are worth so much more than I can put into words. I hope sharing this with your readers will keep some of the breastfeeding moms out there from giving up on a great experience.


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