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Breastfeeding Success!! ~ Stephanie's Story
Nursing Twins

I'm currently breastfeeding my almost 9 month old twins and enjoying every minute of it. Okay that might be a bit of an overstating but I am glad I choose to breastfeed my boys.

My family was never very supportive of my wanting to breastfeed. You know the old "you'll never make enough milk for them." Thankfully I've been a voracious reader since I was a kid and when I found out I was pregnant with twins I started reading everything I could on the subject. Mothering Multiples available from LLL was a life saver. This book let me know that not only could I breastfeed twins, I could do it happily and succesfully.

Well the big day came and suddenly I was the proud momma of a 6 lb 5 ouncer and a 6 lb 7 ouncer. They were more beautiful than anything I've ever seen. While still in the delivery I nursed Tyler while they cleaned up Seth. He nursed like a champ and it was the most beautiful feeling of my life. Just looking into his eyes as he ate, it's what made me truly feel like a mother.

Seth on the other hand had a rather rough delivery, (breech forceps) and wasn't as interested in nursing. Thanks however to some wonderful nurses I was able to get him nursing before leaving the hospital.

It wasn't an easy simple thing that just made me happy all the time. My first night home with them I cried all night cause I couldn't figure out to get them to sleep. Due to latch problems the first month was almost unbearable. But we made it through it and I now have no intention of stopping until they are ready to wean.

To think I went from thinking that it wouldn't even be possible, now I dread the day it's over.


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