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Nursing during pregnancy
By Jo-Anne Lawless, HCA, LC

Jo-Anne LawlessQ. I have an 8 1/2-month-old I am still nursing. Should I have any concerns about nursing him until he is a year old even though I am newly pregnant? Doesn't the new baby inside me need all the nutrients I can possibly give him? What should I be adding to my diet to continue nursing and nurturing a new baby?

A. Congratulations!

You will certainly have increased dietary needs now. It is possible to keep nursing as long as you are diligent about what you're eating. Of the 2900 calories per day you need as a nursing mother, 500 of those are used to nourish the breastfeeding baby. The dietary allowances increase for an expectant mother, and increase yet again for a lactating woman.

Taking prenatal vitamins and a calcium/ magnesium supplement is a must. Folic acid supplements are also important. If you continue to breastfeed, you should concentrate on a diet that is nutritionally superior, having several helpings of fruit and vegetables in a day, plenty of liquids,an adequate amount of iron-rich foods.

Remember that you are eating for three!

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