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Pumping and storing
By Jo-Anne Lawless, HCA, LC

Jo-Anne LawlessQ. My beautiful daughter is 8 weeks old, and I am looking into pumping to build up a small supply so daddy can feed her once in a while at night and so I can leave her with daddy or grandparents for a few hours, too. She is nursing great, and I am concerned about nipple confusion and her getting lazy and not wanted to nurse at all and just want the bottle. I love nursing her and want to continue for as long as possible. I have my electric pump, and I know how to use but I have some questions. What are the best bottles/nipples to use? Can you freeze the milk in the bottles or is it better to freeze them in the bags? When is the best time to pump? How do I introduce the bottle to her? I heard from friends of my that I should not feed her the bottle ever, even not be in the room when daddy gives her the bottles at first?

A. Unless it is necessary to be away from your baby, your best choice to avoid the problems of nipple confusion and interfering with your milk supply, is to be your baby's sole source of nutrition. There are so many ways that family can nurture a baby without attempting to provide the one thing a mother gives best.

That being said, it is a matter of personal preference (the baby's), which nipples you use. The best to attempt first are those made in the closest shape to a human nipple while the baby nurses. (NUK makes this kind). But some babies prefer the traditional shaped sort.

It's best to freeze milk in plastic bags which have not been used before to avoid any chance of contamination. The best time to pump is between feedings; not too soon after one and not too close to another.

Your friends are right . . . babies know who the milk supply is and they are understandably hesitant to eat from a bottle when what they really want is right there before them.

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