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Pumping More From One Side
By Jane Squires, RN, IBCLC

Janes SquiresQ. I have been pumping at work for about three weeks now. I'm using the Medela double pump. I usually get more milk from one side than the other (this is also the side my son favors). Is this normal? Should I offer the other breast more?

A. It is extremely normal for one breast to produce more from one side than the other. I see it all the time. Since this is your son's favorite side, he has probably made it a larger producer. You could try to feed him more on the other side, or you could pump more on that side, but if he's gaining, and you're happy with his weight gain, which it looks like he is gaining beautifully, I think it looks like everything is going fine. The only reason you know that one side is a bigger producer than the other is because you are pumping. So weight gain is important, not which breast produces more than the other.

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