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Words of Encouragement for the Breastfeeding Father

Deciding to breastfeed your baby may have been a decision made by both you and your partner, but most fathers think that breastfeeding doesn't have anything to do with them. The truth of the matter is, you play a vital role in the success of your partner's nursing relationship with your baby.

The most fatherly thing you can do during this time is to be available to your partner and support her in her new role as mother. Try to arrange to take off as much time as possible from your job to be with your new family during the early weeks. During this time your most important responsibility as parents is to devote yourselves to caring for this miraculous new life. Support your partner by freeing her from other responsibilities so that she can give her full attention to learning how to nurse your baby. Take pride in knowing that you chose a loving and devoted partner who has become a loving and devoted mother. Appreciate what she is trying to accomplish and have confidence in her.

Author Elaine Moran offers some Words of Encouragement for the Breastfeeding Father!

  • Your partner is recuperating from the physical demands of pregnancy and childbirth, and is adjusting to hormonal changes in her body. All this may affect her mood. When you support your partner's desire to continue breastfeeding, you are giving her and your baby a precious gift.

  • You may possibly feel neglected and resent the fact that she is spending most of her time with the baby. Try to remember that during this newborn period, your baby's needs have to take top priority and that this transitional time won't last forever. Your partner does not love you any less. In fact, she loves you even more for being the father of this precious child and for supporting her efforts to breastfeed your baby.

  • Remember, small favors make a big impression in the eyes of an exhausted new mother. Perhaps it means doing something you have never done before - dishes, laundry, straightening up.

  • Make sure your partner eats well and rests, and help her with baby care responsibilities. Take any opportunity to hold, comfort, bathe, dress, burp, entertain, and change your baby's diapers. This is your chance to start developing your own special relationship with your child!

  • As a new father, a great many demands are being placed upon you and at times it may seem difficult and overwhelming. It's important to seek out your own support system. Look to friends and family members for emotional support and reassurance. It helps to seek out other fathers who have been through this before, so you can share your feelings and know that you are not alone. Think of the valuable contribution you are making to your new family!

Bon Appetit, Baby, written by Elaine Moran, offers a practical breastfeeding manual, nutrition guide, six week nursing diary, new mother's journal and a resource guide. You'll find everything you need to get started and continue on for extended nursing. Many thanks to the author for providing us with much of the information in this list of tips! Visit her interview with StorkNet.

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