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~ A Message Board Archive

storkMy daughter is 15 weeks, and I think she may be teething. She has been cranky, drooling a lot more, and constantly putting her hands in her mouth. I have been just trying to nurse her when she gets fussy. Do you think this is a good idea? Any other ideas on the subject would be wonderful. Thanks ~ torimom

storkWhen ds was the same age, he started teething, but he's 7 months now and still toothless! It takes awhile!!! Maybe yours will get them sooner, mixed blessing those tooths!! Good luck! ~ Jules

storkIt definitely sounds like your daughter is teething. My son Christian cut his first bottom tooth at three months, and by the beginning of his fourth month he had both bottom teeth!! I was amazed . . . and a little scared since I breastfeed ... and believe me, since then he has relished in his new game of biting Mom, and squealing with delight as Mommy bites down on a scream . . . though, since I've been gently reprimanding him with firm "No's" and removing the nipple from his mouth, he seems to have stopped that particular little game. Christian doesn't like pacifiers, so when he started cramming his fingers in his mouth, we suspected teething, but didn't really know what to expect (we're knobbiest) . . . and at six months old, the cranky, finger eating, drool faced little monster is back! I think his top teeth are getting ready to come out! I'm still amazed, because I didn't expect teeth until he was at least seven/eight months. It's funny, because after he bit me the first couple of times, I thought I would have to wean him from my breast to totally bottle feeding, but I received some very good advice from this site. And maybe you can do what I did, which was to rush out and get some teething rings. They REALLY seem to soothe him, and when you see your teething baby chomping on these things, you realize the relief. I haven't tried any baby oragel yet, though I do have some on hand for when the teething rings won't suffice. ~ Kenyatta

stork If any of you are 'open' to natural/herbal remedies, I would like to recommend Hylands Teething Tablets. They have worked wonders for Skye. You can buy them at most herb shops, healthfood stores, and even some large pharmacies. The main ingredient is chamomile, which is calming to the baby and soothing to the gums. I asked our pediatrician about them, and he was supportive of using them. He said that the herbs would work both to actually soothe the gum on contact, and to just calm the baby and keep her from being so irritable. He said that he also recommends a few spoonfuls of weak chamomile tea for colicy babies. (And he doesn't really recommend ora-gel simply because he feels that it washes away too quickly and doesn't really seem to help.) Anyway, if you try the Hylands Teething tablets, just hold 2 or 3 of the tiny tablets on the baby's gums or tongue and allow them to dissolve. It'll only take a couple of seconds. *HUGGS* ~ Elaine

stork Hi Elaine, Just wondering, how do you get Skye to hold still for the tablets? Devin has learned that I put yucky stuff in his mouth, and when he's sore he won't even eat. I definitely want to try those tablets and will check out my local natural foods store first thing tomorrow. Devin just popped a tooth out 2 days ago! It's weird though, it's a side bottom one, not one of the first four that usually come out, and now he's teething like the one on the other side is coming next! Thanks for the info!! ~ Jules and miserable sore boy

stork Hi Jules: Skye doesn't fight the tablets at all. They have very little taste to me, but I suppose they are faintly sweet, and maybe since she doesn't get many sweets (such as candy) she thinks they are a treat! *lol* I don't even have to 'hold' them in her mouth anymore. She sort of chomps them up as soon as I put them in her mouth! But seriously, they are sooooo tiny, and dissolve so easily, that if you can pop them in Devin's mouth, you really don't have to worry about holding them in place. Just let them dissolve. They are TINY so he won't choke on them, even if he swallows one whole. I think it is BEST to hold them on the gum for 'contact' relief, but the herbs actually work when swallowed as well so you could dissolve a couple of tablets in an ounce of water or juice and let him drink it if you absolutely can't get the tablets in his mouth. Good Luck! *HUGGS* ~ Elaine

storkI also use Hyland Teething Tablets and they work great for Kaylyn. She just got two teeth on the bottom and she has hardly cried any. I just gave her two of them when she would start acting cranky and they worked great! ~ Sandy

storkHey There! Got the Hyland pills and Devin loves them! They work great, and I'm sooo glad to find something so that I don't have to give him tylenol all day. Can't thank you enough Elaine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Jules and Happy Mouth Boy!

storkMy daughter always wanted to nurse more when she was teething. As she got older and was working on molars, it was usually the only sign I had that they were about to come through - she'd start waking up frequently during the night to nurse. To ease the pain, I used a lot of those teethers you keep cold in the fridge (I always froze mine even though you're not supposed to). I had 4 or 5 and would just rotate them as they got too warm to be any comfort. If we were visiting and didn't have teethers handy, I'd keep a couple of spoons in ice water and let her teeth on those, again rotating as each warmed up, or I'd dampen a corner of a couple of wash cloths and throw it in the freezer to let her suck and chew on. I know others have sworn by Hylands teething tablets and/or gel. It's a homeopathic remedy. I tried the gel on dd and she'd stop crying when I applied it. But I think it was just because it was sweet. ~ skm

storkThe teething gels worked a little with my kids, but not much. One thing that helped some was rubbing their gums with a wet washcloth. My boys had very fibrous gums, and rubbing them seemed to help. Gabe, in particular, liked to rub something against his gums. His favorite was one of those plastic stacking rings, but a textured one. He could rub it back and forth over his gums. He broke most of his teeth through, that way. And we used infants tylenol, too. For my boys, the most painful part was when the teeth were moving, but not right near the surface. The only help for that seemed to be pain meds, or nursing, or both. ~ hedra

storkMy oldest son would respond well to teething toys or infants motrin/tylenol. However my 10 month old is the worst teether I've ever encountered. The only thing that truly soothes him is nursing. It's a bit inconvenient when he wants to comfort nurse for an hour and a half in the middle of the night, but I am able to lay down and sleep while he nurses. He refuses a pacifier when teething and nothing else seems to work, so I am glad that we're nursing. At least he gets some relief that way. ~ AlaskaGirl

storkDS definitely nurses more when he is cutting teeth which is fine with me because he needs the extra comfort, plus I think that him getting teeth pretty much lines up when I need an increase in my supply so it works for both. ~LoveMyAlexa

storkMy sons both had teething pain. I found that "momcicles" or frozen breast milk pops helped numb and relieve the pain. They can be a bit messy but that is easily remedied with a bib. I know they nursed quite a bit when they had pain. ~RNShelli

storkFrozen wash cloths are good for my boys (as are crushed ice chips) and Hylands' teething tablets but nothing else really seemed to help much. ~JulieD

storkBoth of my kids have responded well to the Hyland's Teething Tablets (known in our house as "tabbies"). With DS, I came across the Colic Tablets too. I've found that combining the two really helps him. The bottle of motrin isn't far away either.

Other non-medicinal remedies I've either read about or tried:
-freezing a bottle upside down (so the nipple is solid)
-freezing wet wash cloths (I tie them in a knot and only wet part, so there is a handle)
-DD loved zwiebeck toast and biter biscuits

storkWhen my kids were cranky from teething, we gave them frozen waffles to gnaw on. Until the teeth came in, they really didn't break much off the waffle--just made it gummy and gross, but they didn't care. Once the teeth were in, the baby enjoyed the yummy treat, which helped take their minds off the soreness too. Frozen bagels worked too. ~TamiC

storkMy baby has been cutting her first tooth for what seems like months. My number one remedy is nursing, which keeps her occupied and eases the pain. She has rejected both cold teethers and frozen washcloths. We've had pretty good luck with the Hylands tablets, and my last-resort resource is infant Tylenol.~Chelsey

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