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Birthing Positions
~ A Message Board Archive

From January: With my VBAC I pushed on my back which about killed me. I had severe pain in my hips from my legs being pushed back (I have hip problems). What ways would be more "comfortable" for me with this baby? Anyone else have any experiences or suggestions for ways to try?

From hunter: I think birth position should be whatever is best to help baby get out, and that sometimes varies with how baby is presenting. My first baby was a traditional presentation, and I was kind of half-sitting half-squatting at the foot of the bed, which was how I was most comfortable. My second was breech, and I gave birth standing upright in the shower. My third was posterior, and I was on hands and knees. My fourth was another traditional presentation, and I was sitting/squatting either on the bed or on the floor against the bed, I'm not sure. My fifth just kind of popped out as I rolled over on my left side during a huge belly laugh!

From miche: I have heard that for people with back pain (or back labor) that hands and knees is the best position. Whatever position feels the most comfortable for you at the time is probably the best!

From midwifetx: I'm one more vote for hands and kneeds or kneeling. Those are great positions to birth in that don't make you open your legs much and are easy on the hips.

From kiwicaleb: Honestly (and you'll hear this a lot), you will choose different positions dependent on how you are feeling. i was open to the idea of a water birth, I was in the tub, starting to push, but I WANTED OUT!! so I got out. I ended up delivering in a pseudo standing, pseudo squatting position with controlled pushing, and no episiotomy and no tears. I think the only *bad* position, is on your back, you have to work against gravity and baby has to fit through the smallest part of your pelvis.

From AP_Kitty: I tried to push while squatting, but it made me go buggy - don't know why, but I just could NOT stand that at all. I got onto the bed on my hands and knees, and you couldn't have moved me for anything - it felt great !! I had back labour, and the all-fours position seemed to help take the pressure off my back, so it worked for me.

From mykidsmum: I tried the squatting position and couldn't get baby to move down. So then I went to my back like in the hospital and out popped baby.

From jennmomof1: I would have to say my favorite position (and I tried them all!) was with the birth stool my midwife brought.

From hedra: Even on your back CAN be good if that's what your body says. I ended up on my back the first time. The midwife didn't want me there, kept trying to get me to change positions. I would, but then went right back to that one each time. That was the one that worked, so she stopped trying to change it. I was pretty tightly curled, though, so my shoulders were upright but my hips were flat on the bed. Go figure. Second birth, I ended up halfway between on my side and on my back - with pillows tucked behind me to keep me in that position. It was what my body wanted, so that's what I did. All other positions screamed WRONG! So, yeah, odd position, but that's what happens when you listen.

From rebeccav: With my my daughter's birth, I was ready to start pushing by the time I got to the hospital, and once my midwife checked me, she said I could start pushing and asked what position I wanted to be in. I remember actually giving it a thought for a second, because I wanted to be in a position that made me feel in control. So I hopped up on the bed on all fours. It worked great until baby's heartrate started dropping and I had to move on to my side. It really depends on how you feel at the time and what kind of circumstances occur as well.

From teachinmama: With my first two deliveries (hospital births) I found I was most comfy in a semi-upright position. The first one I had no choice because they put me in stirrups. The second happened so fast I wasn't in stirrups. It also helped me to keep my focus by staying in that position. Every time I tried moving around I lost focus and had a hard time controlling the pain. With my last birth at home, I did most of my hard labor in the water. I was sitting, stretched out floating on my tummy, or squatting. When it was time to push I found I was most comfortable squatting. I would have NEVER imagined that it would be comfy for me!

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