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Getting Baby to Drop
~ A Message Board Archive

From Melanie ~ Any other suggestions for getting baby to drop? We've had to schedule a repeat c-section for Thursday as my OB doesn't want me to go more than a week past my due date. Baby is still at +3 station and I'm only a finger-tip dilated. I have contractions all the time (irritable uterus), so I don't need any help there. Can anyone suggest anything other than walking and intercourse to get this kid out before Thursday? My VBAC is on the line here!

From hunter ~ Some things I've used in labor to open my pelvis and help baby drop that might be useful to you:

Pelvic rocks -- On hands and knees, rock your pelvis up and down 20 times.

Pelvic rolls -- Think like a belly dancer and roll your hips around and around 10 times, then switch directions.

Lunges -- Put one foot on a chair next to you and lean sideways towards that side, then straighten up, 10 times, then switch the chair to the other side.

Squats -- If you can't get into a squat without help, have DH support your weight on the way down, or slide off the sofa into a squatting position. Try to keep your feet flat on the floor, slide them out farther if you need to.

Another thought if you're having a lot of contractions that aren't doing anything for you, is that baby might be in a poor position. Use a maternity belt, or tie a sling around your back and under your belly, to lift the weight of the baby up out of your pelvis for a while, and see if she settles into a better position when you take it off.

Finally, some women find that oral sex works better than regular sex. I'm not sure why, maybe the good stuff in the semen is absorbed differently. Good luck!

From hedra ~ I thought second babies didn't drop until labor actually STARTED? Not like first babies, who drop into place early. So being high before labor actually kicks in doesn't mean anything, as far as I knew, for anything but first babies. They engage right when things get started, not before. So being high should be a non-issue.

From Honey Bee ~ Just to contradict Hedra (sorry!), I am 38 weeks with my second and the head has been engaged for nearly 3 weeks now. I think it is quite common for nothing to happen until labour starts, but you can also be engaged for a while without being in labour.

The rocking, rolling and walking might help. Good luck!

From hedra ~ Hey! Contradict away! Other thoughts - call a hypnotherapist who does hypnobirthing work - they might be able to work out a script that could help (hey, they have scripts for stopping labor, why not one for encouraging it?).

Massage the pressure points on your ankles (about 3 inches above the ankle bone, can't remember if it is outside or inside of the leg, but it is usually a tender spot at this stage of pregnancy).

Talk to the baby. Explain why you want what you want, and ask them to cooperate if they can. At the very least, you'll feel better if you don't end up with your VBAC, because you'll have a sense that baby didn't cooperate for its own reasons... (even if that is just fudging it emotionally, it may help).

From hunter ~ While I agree that second babies don't *need* to be engaged before labor begins, one of the keys to a successful VBAC is that baby is in an *optimal* position which could be interpreted as being engaged.

From Quoth ~ Do you have a birthing/exercise ball? They're good for encouraging baby into the right position. Sitting on them naturally opens up the pelvis and you can do gentle pelvic rolls, bounces, and rocks on it while nicely supported.

From Melanie ~ I had a c-section, but thanks to you all! I don't think I would have ever even gone into labor without your suggestions, and I am so happy that my body at least tried to have this baby on its own! Thanks again.

From hedra ~ It is a much better feeling to know you've done what you could, were treated with respect, and are in agreement with the decision to go to c-section. Sorry you didn't get to VBAC, but at the same time, not sorry that you had a good experience even without it!

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