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Childbirth Cubby

Donna BaloPostpartum Bleeding
by Donna Harvel Balo ARNP, CNM, MS

Q. I'm 12 days postpartum. Is it normal to go from a pink discharge back to bright red? For the last two days I've been bleeding a bit more than normal, and it's been bright red. I'm just a tad concerned because when they saw my placenta, they said the end was a bit ragged. I feel fine and the bleeding isn't all that heavy, just heavier than it was.

A. In the early postpartum days, sometimes the bleeding may increase a little, or be a little brighter red. Have you been a little busier than usual? Call your provider if it gets heavy, there is clotting, or there is a foul odor. Or, if you are uneasy about what you are seeing.

Remember . . . R&R (rest and relaxation) and concentrating on you and the baby - enjoy!

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