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What is a good gift for maternity/labor nurses?
A Message Board Archive

From KiwiZ ~ What is a good gift to give the maternity nurses at the hospital in thanks of all their wonderful help?

From lgt ~ We pass out single roses.

From lathamary ~ I was thinking of ordering pizzas sometime for the nurses on the floor of the hospital where I stayed when I was ill. They've got to eat too right?

From My2Angels ~ Food of ANY kind is wonderful to receive!! I'm a nurse (not OB) but boy receiving food was always so nice. You rarely have time to eat a "complete" meal to begin with and sitting down is one of the perks if it happens. So getting foods that can be eaten throughout the day is great. Also tins of cookies and popcorn are also good. Most importantly just being thought of with ANY kind of "thank-you" gift is truly appreciated!!!!!!!!!

From Elle2003 ~ I'm glad this was posted! I'm wondering--when do you give the nurses their gift? Do you bring it with you to the hospital, or send it after the birth?

From techteacher1 ~ I wouldn't do homemade treats because I just wasn't up to it after the baby was born. We were going to bring bagels and cream cheese to the L&D staff, but the bagel store wasn't open when we left for the hospital.

From keem ~ I used to work at a doctors office, and I can assure you that anything edible is always appreciated. But nothing that has to be refrigerated--just in case they can't eat it for a while if things are crazy. Favorites included--Huge boxes of Fannie May candy [or similar] because you can just eat a candy here and there as you can; doesn't involve tons of time or thought. Box of Donuts--like Dunkin Donuts. Takes more time to eat but tastes soooo good! Just make sure you have enough to cover the shift you are leaving it for.

From Mom2Jules ~ We brought Starbucks coffee (ground beans in bag) with us to L&D. The nurses really appreciated it because they said the hospital coffee was horrible. They have their own coffee maker in the L&D ward at my hospital. I'm planning on bringing that again this time.

From cushiegirl ~ We brought a nice card and some Christmas candy last time; it was December. This time it will be right before Easter so maybe something with that theme.

From willsmom ~ I had two L&D nurses see me through my labor, and I sent each of them a box of Godiva after I got home, and told them in the cards that they could share or not. Next time I think I will take something with me.

From Jen1 ~ I gave them an arrangement of fresh cut melons, strawberries and other fruits. They raved about it and said it was so nice to get a healthy treat.

From dominic'smom ~ I brought flowers and a card on my son's first birthday. I was too sick (and pregnant) last year, but will do it again this year. I also do the same thing with my midwives. Everyone greatly appreciated it and they DESERVED it. They took great care of me.

From Ursula ~ A really great gift is folding scissors that they can carry in their pocket. You can buy them at "Widget.com." They're called "SlipNSnips" and they're rustproof and autoclavable (can be sterilized.) That's what I gave the staff who took care of me. They even came in a little gold box. The nurses were ecstatic! Oh, and you can buy them at Walmart in the Sportsmen's section, of all places.

From MelanieC ~ DH works in a grocery store so he made up a fruit basket and we threw in one birth announcement for each of our nurses. We had made our own, personalized chocolate bar labels and put them on Hershey bars. We also put in a card. We had five nurses so it was quite the little basket!

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