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C-Sections Cubby

Welcome to StorkNet's C-Section Cubby

What's New
     º Obstetric Anesthesia Question of the Month
Petrified of Being Awake During C-Section ~ "I am petrified of being awake during the operation, and I donít want anyone touching my back. Can the anesthesiologist force me to have a spinal? Also, my husband wants to be in the operating room for the birth. Will they allow him in the OR if I am asleep?" Dr. William Camann, MD explains. [Click Here]
     º Encouraging Healing After Two or More C-Sections
I am pregnant with my third and have had 2 prior c-sections. I'm a little hesitant because the scar still feels numb. I did not heal well with the last one, but it may be because I was way too active with my toddler and newborn (no outside help). Could you give me any advice on how to encourage healing? Author Dana Sullivan offers her advice. [Click Here]
     º Pain Relief at Home After a C-Section
StorkNet Members discuss with us the various types of pain relief they used once they returned home from the hospital. [Click Here]
     º C-Section Book Authors Were Our Guests
Maureen Connolly and Dana Sullivan are the authors of The Essential C-Section Guide: Pain Control, Healing at Home, Getting Your Body Back and Everything Else You Need to Know About a Cesarean Birth. Both women are accomplished medical writers and have researched this topic extensively. They were here to take your questions. The questions along with their answers have been posted in this very informative interview. [Click Here]

In the News
     º Los Angeles Times Examines Popularity of C-Sections in U.S. - From National Partnership for Women & Families, May 2009
     º Elective C-Sections Before 39 Weeks Associated With Increased Risks to Infants, Study Says ~ From National Partnership for Women & Families, January 2009

Hot Topic
     º Night Feedings
Share your tips for making night feedings easier after a c-section! New c-section moms need your advice. Click here to post on our blog or Click here to email your response.

     º Recuperating After a C-Section
Whether your c-section is planned or it occurs as a last minute decision, recovering from an abdominal delivery will be somewhat different than if you deliver vaginally. Here are some bits of wisdom about physical and mental health after delivery that every woman recuperating from a c-section should know. [Click Here]

     º Emotional Healing After a Cesarean
If you had an unplanned c-section, tell us how you coped with the emotional after effects. Did you feel traumatized; did you feel relieved? Help us create some healing tips for future c-sections moms. Click here for more information about this special project.

And Don't Forget
     º Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about Cesareans.



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