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C-Sections Cubby

Pain Relief at Home After a C-Section
~ a StorkNet Message Board Archive

What type of pain relief did you use once you got home from the hospital? Percocet or some other prescription drug? Advil or some other type of ibuprofen? Tylenol? How long did you need pain relief?

From Sheryl ~ I had percocet in the hospital and that worked really well, but when I was discharged they gave me a prescription for tylenol with codeine. I didn't have any problems with it and it helped with my incision pain that I was experiencing. I must have pulled one of my inside stitches because I had awful pain only in one spot; I think it was all that "running" back and forth to the NICU to see my girls.

So ladies take it from me, try to take it easy and not do too much that first week or two. I know easier said than done! I don't remember exactly how long I took the tylenol with codeine, but it wasn't that long. If I remember correctly the prescription was for around 5 days or even less and then I used extra strength tylenol as needed. By the end of the second week I was fine and able to drive.

From NicoleE ~ I was prescribed Vicodin, and I alternated between that and Ibuprofen. I found, however, that the Ibuprofen helped much more than the Vicodin did, probably because it reduced the swelling. Within a week, I was only using the Ibuprofen, and I continued with that for another week, I believe.

From ink-stained mom ~ I used Tylenol 3 with both, and it worked well. With my first, I also used Darvocet while in the hospital, and it gave me horrible, almost hallucinatory nightmares. So this time, I just relied on the Tylenol and did just fine.

From ElizabethJ ~ I used Lortab and 800 mg Ibuprofen. I thought the Ibuprofen worked better. I only took a few after my first c-section but seemed to have more pain this time and took them for 2-3 weeks afterward when the pain was more than I could handle. The type of morphine they used in the hospital made me itch to death and sick beyond all belief. It was astromorph. It was worse than a hangover.

From allllison ~ I had demerol in the hospital and was sent home with Tylenol with codeine and after a couple of days I used plain old Tylenol.

From hrnewbie ~ After my first c-section I was put on a morphine drip without my consent. It was brutal and I hated the way it made me feel. They left it in for about 24 hours and then put me on Percocet and Motrin. I took the Motrin for about a week and never took the Percocet. This time I was given Motrin after the spinal wore off. I took it for about 12 hours in the hospital and then nothing after that.

From CNYMom ~ With my first and only c-section, I only used Percocet on the same day (only had a couple doses). I had our daughter and after that I managed my pain (very little that I had) with Motrin and only used it for a few days.

From My Boy's Mom ~ I was sent home with Vicodin after both c-sections. I really only used it at night because the worst pain was after being still for awhile. I really didn't use it at all during the day. There was minimal pain once I got up and started moving about. I think I used it for about a week or so after coming home. I know I did not use up the 30 pills prescribed either time.

From NancyGar ~ I had a morphine drip then demerol, and then percocet. I had an emergency c-section to a 34 weeker. The main problem that I developed a bad infection in my uterus. I spent 10 days in the hospital.

From Novelteacher ~ I used ibuprofen when I got home from the hospital and only for a day or two. Really, I felt pretty good!

From Tami C ~ I had either Percocet or Darvocet in the hospital, and then tylenol 3 at home. I think I was only on meds for a little over a week, and then I was able to just take occasional extra-strength tylenol. With every delivery, the pain was easier to manage but lasted a little longer.

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