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C-Sections Cubby

Limit on Number of C-Sections
by Nancy Sullivan, CNM, MS, FACNM

Nancy SullivanQ. My daughter was born 7 weeks early due to pre-eclampsia via emergency c-section. I want to have at least three more children. I know that VBAC could be an option if the next pregnancy goes well. Is there a "preferred" limit on how many c-section deliveries can be performed? I once heard someone say that more than 3 c-section deliveries are not recommended.

A. Some obstetricians don't like for women to have more than three cesareans because of the increasing amount of scarred tissue and adhesions (or tissue that gets stuck to other tissue), making the surgery more difficult and increasing the risk of hemorrhage and other complications such as placenta accreta.

I would try for a VBAC if possible since you intend to have more children.


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