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C-Sections Cubby

Cesarean Birth: An Observation
by Celia Peterson

If you find yourself in a discussion about Cesarean Birth, you will inevitably hear someone say, "It doesn't matter how the baby comes out as long as the baby is healthy." As a woman who has had two babies born by Cesarean Section, I can tell you that while women are indeed thrilled to be united with their baby after their surgery, there is a wide variety of emotions and experiences that a woman may be presented with following a c-section (or any other birth experience). Apparently then, it often does matter how the baby comes out.

I have talked with many women over the last few years on the subject of c-sections, and I have realized that perhaps the most important ingredient in getting through the experience on a positive note is knowledge. Oftentimes, women become contemplative a few weeks or months after their baby is born and have questions which all go back to "why."

Informing yourself during your pregnancy will help to ward off any possible feelings of regret later. If it's important to you that you avoid a c-section, learn everything you can about what scenarios typically lead to that outcome and steer your birth experience away from those circumstances. If a c-section is already a strong possibility, learn what steps you can take to make it as positive an experience as possible. Regardless, then, if you have a c-section, you will feel confident that you had "covered all your bases", and you will understand that yes, the decision to perform a c-section was in your best interest and your baby's. The surgery itself and the short-term and long-term recovery will reflect your efforts.

Expectations are often very meaningful to women. Think of weddings, for example. Many girls visualize details of their wedding long before they even meet Mr. Right. If things don't go off as planned, almost anyone will experience some degree of disappointment. Of course, you may be one of those women who can easily ride with the tide as situational changes dictate. Regardless of your personality type, though, your best bet as your due date approaches is to be prepared and informed and have your contingency plans in place. Hopefully as you navigate through this Cesarean Birth Cubby, some of these matters will become more firm in your mind.


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