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Cloth Diapers Cubby

Welcome to StorkNet's Cloth Diaper Cubby!

We're very pleased to present our Cloth Diaper cubby. If you're currently using cloth diapers, these articles and FAQ will help you make cloth diapering a breeze. If you're thinking about using cloth diapers, you'll find the information you need here to help you decide. Cloth diapering is easier than you think, better for our environment and much cheaper than disposables. Your baby will love them too!

What's New
     º How to Prevent Leaks When Cloth Diapering
One of the most popular questions a new parent will ask is, "Why is my baby leaking out of the diaper?" There are a few different reasons why a diaper may leak. Here is a explanation of the causes of leaks and how to prevent them.

     º New Diaper-Views!
Check out our latest diaper-views from parents like you:
  • Shawna
  • Kelly
  • April
  • Amber
  • Lorraine

     º Cloth Diapering Your Newborn
Find out what you need to know about choosing and using the one garment that will be closest to your baby's skin 24 hours a day, every day, for the first 2-3 years of his life. [Click Here]

     º If you're just getting started with cloth diapers, read our FAQ.
     º Diaper-Views!
Just what is a "diaper-view"? It's an interview with a cloth diapering parent or expert, that's what. Interested in sharing your diaper-view? Click here!


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