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Machine Dryers
~ A Moms At Home Message Board Archive

From pixiewytch:
I have heard that machine drying cloth diapers is bad. I use so many now,and I don't have a clothesline so it is nearly impossible for me to line dry them in time for him to use them the next day. Do any of you use the dryer and what do you think about it?

From Ursula:
I line dry in the summer and use the dryer when line drying isn't possible. We use MotherEase One-size diapers. The lint trap in my dryer is practically empty after a load of diapers and I can't see how it's hurting them after 18 months. I'm sure they're not like-new, but they're fine and will still have great re-sale value on eBay once my daughter potty trains.

From woolley one:
We use the motherease as well and they rock! We put them in the dryer especially when we're down to the last diaper and need some quick. These are terry cloth with plastic snaps. The other ones I have are cotton with metal snaps and they say not to put them in the dryer to extend the life, SO we put these over our railing to dry inside. Remember that the sunshine, even on a cold cold day will brighten them. and they WILL dry in the cold. Remember how dry the cold is. Funny but it didn't make sense to me but all the farmer gals around here have laundry on the line all year round.

From kendallsmom:
I always use the dryer but I just have regular prefolds. They're working on our second now. I used to put them out for sunning the stains but in our current neighborhood we can't have permanent clothes lines and I haven't come up with an alternative yet. I imagine I'll get something when spring rolls around but it's too chilly for me to be messing about outside. I'm so whimpy about the cold.

From mom2jazzygirl:
I've been machine drying diapers for 4 years now and they're still perfectly fine. I prefer to hang them out and get the stains out, but it's not always an option. I know some types of covers shouldn't be put in a dryer, but I've heard of not putting diapers in a dryer before.

From sdebarrios:
I use the Motherease one-size diapers also. I love them!! I line dry them whenever possible to keep the stains at bay and the gas bill down, but in winter, I use the dryer. It seems to be working out just fine. They come out fluffy and dry with hardly anything in the lint catcher. I don't put the covers in the dryer.

From Psnyder:
Chinese prefold in a wool velcro cover. It works great. No leaks. Fitteds don't absorb as well IME. They are missing about half the absorbent material after all! Also, prefolds are more absorbent if you fold them in thirds and use a velcro wrap cover. If you pin them, some of the absorbency is wasted on the side of the baby's legs and hips. The velcro wrap covers keep the absorbency where you need it!

Wool is more breathable and we use it year round, night and day. Finally convinced our baby sitter to use the CDs! Yay!

Oh for the liner, buy some regular fleece at the fabric store. Cut to size. Go visit an online baby store to get the measurements. Just measure cut and use. I used the first one as a template for the rest of them. I have about 20 liners and have way too many! You can wash them with your diapers.

From ScoobyDoo97:
I also go back and forth. We use Bumkins AIO with a doubler during the day. I've found if I use 2 of the doublers overnight, we're ok. It's bulky but he wakes up dry!

From lizzie:
If you're worried about diaper rash, just put some tea tree oil in his bath and that should help prevent it. Otherwise, thanks for this thread; I was going to ask the same question myself!

From ClothDiaperCubbyMod-Stacy:
When my son was in dipes I used a second DSQ prefold, folded in thirds and placed it in the center panel of his dipe. Then I used a larger diaper cover to keep everything snug. I also pinned my dipes. (Again, to keep things snug.) I didn't only do this at night, though. I did it during the daytime, too, because as he grew he became a heavy wetter. Hope this helps!

From jennmomof1:
I use the Kushies AIO. All the time. You can buy liners for the night. But I don't use them. I think it was the best money I have spent.

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