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Favorite cloth diaper cover for unpinned prefolds
~ An Attachment Parenting Message Board Archive

From SusanH ~ Susy is, much to my disappointment, about to outgrow her Bumkins covers. Which means I have to replace them, unless she spontaneously toilet trains before gaining any more weight. So I thought I'd take a mini-poll to see if I should get more Bumkins or branch out a bit. Any thoughts on Imse Vimse, Bummis or Pro-raps? Any other brands I'm not thinking of?

From AmyC ~ Pro-raps Colors!! I love them on Elisabeth. They have a clasp on them that is to help keep a toddler from taking them off (notice the word help in that sentence), so they may not be good if you are working on potty training.

From mejp ~ Imse Vimse are the most expensive but they are also the best, IMHO. If you have a heavy wetter, the day covers will probably not work well for naps. The wool Bumpys are my idea of the absolute perfect diaper cover. Too bad they start at $18 although you can find them for less on ebay. ProRaps are good and do the job and they are cheap. I have even used them overnight with no problems. Maybe I just got a defective one, but I think Bummis are pretty leaky. They have no leg gussets AND they are stiff! Also, moisture seems to wick through the cover very quickly as if it isn't really waterproof. I hear other moms rave about these so I may just have gotten a defective one.

From Ursula ~ I adore the bummis! They are trim (so they can only be used with a prefold) and they dry almost instantly. If you needed to, you really could wash one and put it immediately back on. They're vented, so they're comfortable in summer weather. If I wasn't doing all fitted diapers now, I'd have some bummis!

Frogmorest ~ Since we have only been using them for a short while my opinion might not count, but I love our bummis covers! I love the leg gathers and the back gathers . . . they are so adjustable! She has been wearing a 4*8*4 prefold and a fleece liner (homemade) and nary a leak in sight. They dry super fast (I reuse the covers if they are just wet) and they have never wicked. Maybe we are just lucky but I would recommend them to anyone!

miche ~ Tommy's diapers were too used and lost their waterproofing so I had to buy more for Sean. I bought Motherease Air Flows and I don't use pins with them. I use them for Tommy for long trips (their toddler size is big - Tommy is 39+lbs and about 38-39 inches tall and they fit fine - he outgrew most other diapers!) and I also use them for Sean and I am so glad I got them. They are actually much cheaper than most covers out there.

tuckersmama ~ My favorite (so far!) are the Imse Vimse's. I also like the Bummi's, though not as well as the Bumpy's. Bumpy's are softer with great leg gussets. We haven't had any leaks in either cover. I've never tried Pro-Raps, mainly because I've always heard them described as stiff.

Lisa Jo ~ I liked Bummis, Imse Vimse and Proraps, but still like the Bumkins the best.

wenzday ~ Bumkins here too. I need new ones as well and more of the BIG prefolds!

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