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Line Drying Cloth Diapers
~ A Message Board Archive

From ruthterry ~ My husband set up a clothesline for me and at last I line dried my diapers, but they came out so rough! Very disappointing. I tumble dried them afterwards for about 10 minutes, which helped only a little. Any suggestions?

From Ursula ~ I think that's normal for line drying. It never seemed to bother my daughter's bottom.

From sdebarrios ~ Yup, mine always come out rougher, even with fluffing in the dryer. But it still saves electricity/gas, bleaches out stains, and it doesn't seem to bother my son either.

From Tigo ~ Add some vinegar to the rinse cycle or in a downy ball. They still won't be as soft was the dryer but they are a bit nicer I find. My daughter doesn't seem to care either way if they are line dried or not though.

From ruthterry ~ Thanks, everyone! Maybe it's not such a big deal, I just got used to them being so fluffy. Unfortunately, I can't use the vinegar/downy ball idea, as it won't work with my front loader. I can put a small amount of vinegar in the softener dispenser, maybe I'll try that.

From all2gether ~ I do hang dry mine but I hang them inside over our playpen. I don't think they seem too rough. Maybe try hanging them over something inside to see if that helps. As with the vinegar, I use it in almost each wash so maybe that is what helps.

From Freya'sMom ~ I line dry mine until they are dry and then put them in the dryer for a few minutes to fluffen and soften them up.

From PCMomma ~ I dry mine in the dryer for 15-20 minutess before hanging, very soft.

From ruthterry ~ Thanks for all the ideas! I like the idea of fluffing them in the dryer a bit first...I'll have to try all these ideas separately and see which works best.

From kthr ~ I also use a front-loader (love it!) and when i add vinegar, I do put it in the tray for fabric softener (which you can't use with cloth dipes, anyway). I put about 1/2 cup of white vinegar into a load of about 15 diapers or so.

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