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Nighttime Cloth Diapering
~ An Attachment Parenting Message Board Archive

From Amieee:
If you use CD's at night, what do you use? I am ready to take the plunge, but very nervous!! DD is a heavy wetter. She is also prone to yeast rashes. What are the best liners to keep her dry? Also, we have started to use them when we go out, but there is still so much bulk! I use a prefold with a fleece liner, and a cover. She still gets very wet. Is it worth the extra $$ for hemp or something similar?

From mom2jazzygirl:
For short-term outings, I use AIOs. But, I only own six so I can't use them for long-term outings. For those, I still use disposables. Anyway, for nighttime, I use a FuzziBunz with 2 DSQs or 1 DSQ and 1 doubler. Before I had the FuzziBunz, I simply did 2 DSQs pinned in an Alexis Featherlite pull-on cover.

From SusanH:
My current favorites for nighttime are my Mollytogs nighttime diapers - superabsorbent and they come with a snap-in fleece-topped doubler. I can't rave about these enough, they are fabulous! Unfortunately, I don't think she's taking orders right now. I used FuzziBunz with two prefolds for a long time and they did keep her very dry, but they were extremely bulky. FB seem to be a love 'em or hate 'em thing. They don't seem to fit all babies the same and some people have non-stop leaking with them.

When the Mollytogs are in the laundry, I use Motherease Sandy's with a fleece-topped doubler from Bareware. They work well but she does come perilously close to soaking through on occasion.

When we go out I just use whatever's handy - a prefold or fitted with her normal covers. I change her as soon as she wets and never have problems with leaking, although she is getting to the point where she often stays dry throughout our outings.

From momtosully:
When I first started using cloth diapers a few months back, I tried using them at night but had lots of leaks. So I started using disposables again at night. But recently those have started leaking as well and I decided I really wanted to cut back on the amount of disposables I was using. So now I'm using the Mother-Ease Sandies at night with a Mother-Ease Air Flow cover. I really can't rave enough about these covers. I've bought many different kinds/brands of covers and the only ones that I really like are the airflow. The material that they're made of is more like plastic and therefore doesn't make my son's clothes wet. They're the only covers that I ordered for my new baby on the way and I recently ordered two more for my son along with 2 more Sandies (I only have 2 at the moment).

As far as going out . . . I use Mother-Ease One Size and I use them for outings. If he's going to be watched by a friend, I'll put him in a disposable.

Good luck! I absolutely love cloth diapering and wish I had started right away with my son

From m:
I go back and forth with nighttime diapering--we do it about half and half at this point. I wonder if disposables aren't more comfortable, even though Frankie doesn't seem to care. Anyhow, when we do cd at night I use fuzzibunz with 2 joeybunz inserts. Joeybunz are hemp jersey soakers and they are unbelievably absorbent and unbelievably thin! This is the least bulky possibility for us because Frankie wets heavily at night too. Hemp is amazing stuff!

From Frogmorest:
I don't think that I can help you because I don't think Maddy is a very heavy wetter . . . but we just use a chinese prefold and fleece liner (homemade) in a bummis wrap and she stays nice and dry.

From Psnyder:
Chinese prefold in a wool velcro cover. It works great. No leaks. Fitteds don't absorb as well IME. They are missing about half the absorbent material after all! Also, prefolds are more absorbent if you fold them in thirds and use a velcro wrap cover. If you pin them, some of the absorbency is wasted on the side of the baby's legs and hips. The velcro wrap covers keep the absorbency where you need it!

Wool is more breathable and we use it year round, night and day. Finally convinced our baby sitter to use the CDs! Yay!

Oh for the liner, buy some regular fleece at the fabric store. Cut to size. Go visit an online baby store to get the measurements. Just measure cut and use. I used the first one as a template for the rest of them. I have about 20 liners and have way too many! You can wash them with your diapers.

From ScoobyDoo97:
I also go back and forth. We use Bumkins AIO with a doubler during the day. I've found if I use 2 of the doublers overnight, we're ok. It's bulky but he wakes up dry!

From lizzie:
If you're worried about diaper rash, just put some tea tree oil in his bath and that should help prevent it. Otherwise, thanks for this thread; I was going to ask the same question myself!

From ClothDiaperCubbyMod-Stacy:
When my son was in dipes I used a second DSQ prefold, folded in thirds and placed it in the center panel of his dipe. Then I used a larger diaper cover to keep everything snug. I also pinned my dipes. (Again, to keep things snug.) I didn't only do this at night, though. I did it during the daytime, too, because as he grew he became a heavy wetter. Hope this helps!

From jennmomof1:
I use the Kushies AIO. All the time. You can buy liners for the night. But I don't use them. I think it was the best money I have spent.

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