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What kind of diaper pail do you use?
~ An Attachment Parenting Message Board Archive

From Amieee ~ I was just using a trash can. My husband said he wanted me to get something else. I kind of agree because my daughter has gotten into them a few times. (Yuck!!) So, what do you use and where did you get it? I'd like to order online.

From Lea A ~ We haven't had the baby yet, but what we got to put the diapers in is a plastic trash can with a lid that has 2 clasps to keep it on and locked. I don't want the cats or the baby into the dirty diapers. We bought it at Zellers for about $8.00 CDN.

From Frogmorest ~ What Lea said is exactly what I have! I got mine from Jysk (an Ikea type store) in pink . . . keeps the room smelling oh so fresh!

From augustmom2 ~ I found some actual diaper pails; they are just like trash cans but they have lids with a cubby for a deo disk, they only cost about $9.

From Amieee ~ Where did you get the diaper pails? The only things I ever see are diaper champs and diaper genies.

From sommer01~ Fisher Price makes one that closes off, and has a place for a deodorizer.

From Ursula ~ Because they tend to be so tiny, we have two pails. One is a vintage round metal hamper that we use with a scented liner. We put the pee diapers in there. The other is a Fisher Price, which is really small, and we use it for poopy diapers. Now that we've moved into solid poops, we keep the FP pail in the bathroom.

From Lisa Jo ~ I use a flip-top rectangular pail with a slot for deo-disks. I use a regular tall kitchen garbage bag in it. You can see it at choosydiapers.com under Diapering Accessories, but I got mine from my local diaper service company. It would also make a great trash can when finished with diapering. It is not kid proof. My daughter did flip the lid a few times to peek in, but she never tried to play in it. You may also want to check thrift shops. A few months ago I saw a pail identical to mine for $5 at a thrift shop, and I had paid $18.

From augustmom2 ~ I got mine at Meijers; they are right back with the cloth diapers and pins.

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