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Removing Cloth Diaper Stains
~ An Attachment Parenting Message Board Archive

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 . From Eekee ~ I'm having some problems with stains on my DS's diapers. He is still completely breastfed, so his poops are the orangy, pudding-like kind which soak through several layers of cotton. The stains on the cotton come out fine, but on the waterproof liner of the AIOs, I'm getting yellow and orange stains when the poop touches the outside of the diaper. I love these diapers and haven't had a leak yet. The problem comes when the outside of the diaper gets folded into the poop sometimes in the pail.

I use flushable liners, but since his poop is so liquidy, they don't do much good. I do rinse the diapers, but since so much is absorbed into the diaper, I can only make a small dent in the mess. Plus, the rinsing process itself puts poop on the cover.

I've been using the dry pail method, so after I rinse them, they go into a pail. I've been doing two cold pre-washes, then one long wash with warm water, using Era. And I have not dried the stained ones yet, because I know that will set them in.

How can I get the stains off of my covers without ruining them? In the future, I'll be more careful about keeping the poopy insides from touching the outside, but can the stained ones be saved?

What pail method do you use? I'm hoping to only need to wash every 2 or 3 days.

Any advice on stains and laundering in general?

 . From Ursula ~ I've never had a diaper stain that didn't come out by sun bleaching. I just put the diapers in the sunshine to dry, and no more stains. It's magic!

 . From jenb ~ This is the system we use, and in 3 years I have NO stains! I use a "Wet Pail" method. (meaning I soak my diapers before washing them). I like the wet pail method as I never have any problems with stains or odors on my dipes. I soak them in a smaller bucket of cold water in my laundry sink, I add in a half cup or so of Arm and Hammer super washing soda. The cold water pre-soak helps to prevent stains from setting.

When I am ready to do a load of dipes, I dump the whole bucket into the washer, spin out the water, then do a HOT wash followed by 2 cold rinses.

I use about a 1/4 of a cup (the cup they give you) of detergent. And in the last rinse, I add a half cup or so of vinegar. It is very important to not use too much detergent, or you will get a buildup on your dipes, and they will STINK! The vinegar also helps to prevent buildup.

For stains that you already have, I would try cold soaking them with some Arm and Hammer super washing soda, a regular hot wash, and then sunning them.

 . From Eekee ~ I gotta say... WOW!!! I put my two stained diapers in the sun this morning for one hour and they are now perfect! I couldn't believe it! In the future, I think I will switch to a wet pail, at least for the poopies. Thanks again for the advice!

 . From PCMomma ~ I have never used a wet pail, been cloth diapering for 21 months and only 1 stain that hasn't come out - mostly because I keep forgetting to sun that one. Sun is important!

 . From Ursula ~ We wet pailed for about two weeks, then decided there was absolutely no point to all that trouble. We soak the diapers overnight in the washing machine, drain and spin, wash cycle, final rinse, sun dry or machine dry. No stains.

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