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How do you cloth diaper when swimming?
~ An Attachment Parenting Message Board Archive

From skm ~ I've taken DD swimming a couple of times and am looking for a trimmer way to diaper her. So far I've just been diapering her like I do during the day with a pinned prefold and an Alexis pull-on cover. This gets so heavy and bulky for her that I worry it's uncomfortable. I haven't tried those swim dipes you can get anywhere because my daughter is still exclusively breastfed and still has unformed stools. I didn't think it would hold the poop in. Are there any better options? I don't want to spend an arm and a leg since we swim so infrequently. Do you do anything different if at the beach compared to a community swimming pool?

From Frogmorest ~ At the beach I just do the prefold/cover thing . . . the infrequent times we hit the pool I have a pack of "lil swimmers."

From Robin ~ I have reusable, washable nylon swim diapers made by EcoBaby. I got them at a second hand store, but you may be able to find them on the Internet.

From twokats ~ We use a swim diaper--regular trunks with a rubber liner. No diaper can stop pee; they're really only to prevent the no. 2 incidents.

From JKY ~ I bought a package of Lil' Swimmers last year and we still have half of it left. The CD's soak up so much water that I think it's going to be uncomfortable.

From Lisa Jo ~ For an infant, I liked the fitted swim diapers by I Play. They fit pretty tightly around the thighs and waist and I think they would hold runny poop in for a brief time. I had one for Natalie and it was very cute. She has never pooped while swimming. Motherease also makes a good snug fitting swim diaper. Our pool banned the Little Swimmer type disposables because they DON'T WORK! After a number of poop accidents from babies wearing those, the pool now requires snug fitting non-disposable swim diapers. For extra backup, you can use a cheap gerber vinyl cover over the swim diaper, though it's not as cute.

From Y Thingy ~ Aiden has some cloth swim diapers with mesh linings inside to catch the "big one". He almost always goes around noon and we always go swimming in the evening, so it's not even necessary. We're just using it because of the pool regulation. How about go swimming after she's done her "big one"?

From kendallsmom ~ We use an actual swim suit with a built-in swim diaper. It's made by osh kosh. I got it at a consignment store for like $3.

From Psnyder ~ Target has swim diapers for boys and some for girls to go under the suit. The boys ones are all in one. They are on sale now and they even hold in urine! They are about $8.

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