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Cloth Diapers Cubby

April shares her Diaper-Views!

This month, April shares her diaper-views with us.

StorkNet: How many children do you have and have you cloth diapered all of them?

April: I have one son whom I have been cloth diapering since he was born.

StorkNet: What motivated you to cloth diaper your children?

April: I was cloth diapered and when I was a nanny we used cloth diapers on the little girls that I cared for. I just knew that it wasn't a big deal to use cloth. I have to say that money was a big factor and that saving the environment is a plus that I gladly enjoy!

StorkNet: How long have you been cloth diapering?

April: I have been cloth diapering for over 15 months now.

StorkNet: How has cloth diapering changed for you over the years?

April: When I was nanny we used prefolds and covers. That is when I was introduced to the pinless system. It was great. I started with prefolds and covers and quickly moved to fitted and covers and all-in-ones. It just gets easier as time goes by and creative moms and dads find new and improved ways to do things.

StorkNet: What has been the most challenging thing about cloth diapering for you?

April: The laundry that builds up. I have enough laundry as is and then you had diapers to the mix and WOW!!!

StorkNet: Have you ever used a cloth diaper service?

April: No I never used a cloth diaper service. But I did consider it.

StorkNet: What part have disposable diapers played in your diapering experience through the years?

April: We have used some disposables. But only when we were between washing and ran out of cloth or when we were going on a long car ride that I wanted to make sure he stayed dry!

StorkNet: What cloth diaper products have you tried that did not work for you?

April: I am not crazy about pocket diapers. I know others love them. But for they are just to much have hassle.

StorkNet: What are your favorite cloth diapering products?

April: I love fleece covers and a nice thin fitted diaper for most all of the time.

StorkNet: What is your funniest cloth diapering memory?

April: My son figured out how to unhook the velcro at a pretty early age, 9 months. He was standing in the living room and cruising the furniture when he decided to remove his diaper. The next thing I know he is standing at a house plant naked and watering it. He was just giggling and having a good old time.

StorkNet: Thanks April! Anything else you'd care to add?

April: I do think that cloth diapering costs can get out of hand. That is it can cost a ton of money when you buy diapering systems or you decide that you can make your own, which is what happened to me. I love to sew diapers for my son. But I went crazy fabric wise and now I have no clue when I will use all the fabric have. I have started making diapers for friends just to get rid of some of it. Just be careful that you don't get caught up in the trendiness of cloth diapering. I love a cute diaper just as much as the next person but I just don't think a $50 diaper is worth pooping and peeing on. Especially when you can only poop or pee on it once and then have to wash it and before you know it the child has outgrown it.

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