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BabyBliss shares her Diaper-Views!

This month, StorkNet member BabyBliss shares her diaper-views with us.

StorkNet: How many children do you have and have you cloth diapered all of them?

BabyBliss: We have 3 children but unfortunately we didn't start cloth diapering until number 3.

StorkNet: What motivated you to cloth diaper your children?

BabyBliss: My daughter developed a rash at about two weeks old that just wouldn't go away. We switched diapers, we switched wipes, we tried different creams, we tried cloth wipes, then cloth diapers. After we switched to cloth diapers, the rash went away. She was allergic to the disposables. After doing some further research on cloth diapering, environmental benefits, cost reduction and the elimination of harmful chemicals all became strong motivators as well.

StorkNet: How long have you been cloth diapering?

BabyBliss: We have been cloth diapering for 3 months.

StorkNet: How has cloth diapering changed for you over the years?

BabyBliss: When my first daughter came I had considered cloth but couldn't get the old pretence of pins and rubber pants out of my head. It all just seemed like too much extra work. Now it is just so easy! I wish I'd have taken the time to do this before.

StorkNet: What has been the most challenging thing about cloth diapering for you?

BabyBliss: Deciding which system to use! There are so many diapers out there and they all come in different types of cloth. Learning about each one and their specific benefits and drawbacks was a long process for me.

StorkNet: Have you ever used a cloth diaper service?

BabyBliss: We use one now and love it. When we change baby we just throw the dipe in a dry pail and forget about it. Once a week we put the diapers out and a fresh batch is dropped off. I never have to worry about running out!

StorkNet: What part have disposable diapers played in your diapering experience through the years?

BabyBliss: I used disposables for my first 2 babies. I suffered with the blow outs and the leaking. The diapers would split and the gel would stick to their little bums. I'll never use them again. I've given the babysitter and everyone else 5 minute lessons on how to change a cloth diaper; that's all it took. We have a system for every purpose be it night time or long trips. I won't put disposables back on my baby.

StorkNet: What cloth diaper products have you tried that did not work for you?

BabyBliss: All the products we have tried worked, just not as good as some of the others. The products are so diverse, as are our babies, that it takes time to find what's going to absorb well and what is going to fit your baby best. You just need to do your research! There are some great websites that offer discounted trial packages so that you can try one of nearly everything.

StorkNet: What are your favorite cloth diapering products?

BabyBliss: Prefolds are convenient and easy for home. My absolute favorite are Kissaluvs fitted diapers, and they are so cute! For night time and trips I prefer Crickett's hemp diapers with extra hemp fleece doublers that I got from 7th Heaven Babies. MotherEase one size are great for day trips as well but a little bulky for little babies. My favorite cover is definitely the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap.

StorkNet: What is your funniest cloth diapering memory?

BabyBliss: I was at the dance studio for my older daughter's ballet class and a friend had commented on how bulky the baby's bum looked. I explained that I had double diapered her and the other mothers all looked at me funny. Finally one of them asked why I had put 2 diapers on the baby. I laughed and explained that she was cloth diapered and that 2 prefolds were better for short trips. Hence the term double diapered.

StorkNet: Thanks! Anything else you'd care to add?

BabyBliss: Cloth diapering has changed so much from when our grandparents used them. Not only are cloth diapers safer for our children and their environment, but they are just so cute too! They actually make diapering fun. I don't have half of the smell problems with cloth as I did with disposables and suffer no guilt when I'm out because I don't need to find somewhere to get rid of that dirty disposable. I strongly recommend buying from online markets as many of the department store brands just don't work as well. And be careful, diaper shopping gets addictive!

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