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Shelley Spears shares her Diaper-Views!

This month, Shelley shares her diaper-views with us.

StorkNet: How many children do you have and have you cloth diapered all of them?

Shelley: I have two girls, both in cloth. One is 2-1/2 years old, and the other is 2 months old.

StorkNet: What motivated you to cloth diaper your children?

Shelley: I constantly wonder why other people around me are not using cloth diapers. The babies smell so much better when I take a soiled diaper off.

StorkNet: What has been the most challenging thing about cloth diapering for you?

Shelley: Sometimes travelling for a few days with a bunch of soiled diapers is a drag, or if I'm staying at someone's house and I go to use their washer, they get a weird look on their face, because of the dirty diapers.

StorkNet: Have you ever used a cloth diaper service?

Shelley: Yes, for two years with my oldest. I live in an apartment, and my first apartment did not have a laundry room in the basement, so it made it very convenient.

StorkNet: What part have disposable diapers played in your diapering experience through the years?

Shelley: If I'm away from home without a washer around, I will use disposables. They are very hot and steamy when I take them off compared to my cloth diapers. Also, I feel terrible filling trash bags with pounds of waste that is actually unnecessary.

StorkNet: What cloth diaper products have you tried that did not work for you?

Shelley: Once my toddler started drinking ounces of liquids, coupled with her skinny thighs, I had to find a diaper wrap to contain all the liquid.

StorkNet: What are your favorite cloth diapering products?

Shelley: I use Nikki diaper covers or Rikki's (through Motherease). They both have leg gussets that fit nicely around narrow thighs. For nighttime we use an Aristocrat Wool Soaker. Inside the diaper covers I love the Sandy's fitted diaper (through Motherease, especially for night). I also use commercial prefolds with doublers as my daughter got older.

StorkNet: What is your funniest cloth diapering memory?

Shelley: A grandmother in a bathroom at a restaurant, as I was changing my daughter, asking "What is that?" about a Kushies AIO. Nobody sees these products and she was so excited about it. I just thought it was such a shame that most consumers never even see this stuff. StorkNet: Thanks Shelley! Anything else you'd care to add?

Shelley: I am now washing my own diapers. I have purchased Kushies AIO's for my little girl and I love them for playdates and overnight as well. It was a drag to not have a store where I could touch these products. I had to do a lot of research online and take chances and buy one from this guy and one from the other before finding out what worked. Good luck to you out there!

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