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Diaper-Views with Stacy Jones Tolentino

Just what is a "diaper-view"? It's an interview with a cloth diapering parent or expert, that's what. And the subject of this month's "diaper-view" is yours truly. Since I wrote and published Real Diapers, an online cloth diapering resource and since I'm the author of the Cloth Diaper Cubby, StorkNet thought it would be quite fitting to grant me the very first "diaper-view". Read on to get the scoop on my personal diaper views.

StorkNet: What motivated you to write and publish Real Diapers online?

Stacy: There were two motivating factors. The first was brought on by my love of cloth diapering and my desire to convince other parents to use them on their babies. The second was due to my entrepreneurial spirit. Real Diapers was a money making dot.com venture before it became non-profit.

StorkNet: Have you cloth diapered all of your children?

Stacy: I have one child and yes, he was cloth diapered from infancy, until he potty trained at age three.

StorkNet: Were you a cloth diapering purist or did you also use disposables?

Stacy: I used cloth diapers on my son 99% of the time. Once in a while I'd use a disposable on him while traveling. I guess that pretty much made me a purist.

StorkNet: What do you dislike about disposables?

Stacy: Where do I begin? I dislike the gel beads in disposables, which can't be healthy. I'm also not fond of the dependence parents have on them, the cost of them, and the amount of garbage they generate. I'm not totally against disposables, though. I do believe that disposables are more convenient when it comes to babysitters and traveling, but the convenience issue is far too overrated. I'm always happy to hear about parents who at least use cloth diapers on their babies on a part-time basis. It's better than not using them at all, I figure.

StorkNet: What was your main reason for cloth diapering?

Stacy: I'm very frugal, so I would have to say that saving money was my #1 reason for cloth diapering. Health concerns ranked a close second though.

StorkNet: How did you wash your baby's diapers?

Stacy: I was a firm believer in the soak and rinse method.

StorkNet: What did you use for stains?

Stacy: Believe it or not, the soak and rinse method kept stains to a minimum. I also used an old toothbrush to gently scrub away stubborn stains, prior to laundering my son's diapers. Plus, I used Arm & Hammer washing soda during the pre-wash and wash cycles.

StorkNet: How many diapers do you recommend that parents buy when stocking up?

Stacy: I think 4 or 5 dozen is good. That way when you fall behind with the washing you won't run out of clean cloth diapers and you won't be tempted to use disposables until wash day.

StorkNet: What would you tell expectant parents who were undecided about whether or not to cloth diaper their baby?

Stacy: I'd tell them to try a cloth diaper service before investing in a cloth diaper layette. That way if they didn't like using them, they wouldn't be stuck with a bunch of cloth diaper products that they would never use again. I'd also tell them to read Theresa Rodriguez Farrisi's Diaper Changes book.

StorkNet: Every mom has a favorite diaper and cover. What are yours?

Stacy: That's easy! I liked diaper service quality (DSQ) prefolds and Gerber E-Z diaper wrap covers best. They were inexpensive and worked great!

StorkNet: Thanks for sharing your diaper views with us!

Stacy: You're quite welcome!

© Copyright 2002 Stacy Jones Tolentino/ Homefront Publishing
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