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Sharon Spears shares her Diaper-Views!

This month, Sharon Spears shares her diaper-views with us.

StorkNet: How many children do you have and have you cloth diapered all of them?

Sharon: I have 3 children and cloth diapered all of them

StorkNet: What motivated you to cloth diaper your children?

Sharon: I think it saved a lot of money in the beginning.

StorkNet: What has been the most challenging thing about cloth diapering for you?

Sharon: Trial and error of what diapers I like.

StorkNet: Have you ever used a cloth diaper service?

Sharon: No.

StorkNet: What part have disposable diapers played in your diapering experience through the years?

Sharon: Once my children were over 6 months, I stopped cloth diapering since they needed to be changed less often, and the bowel movements changed with the change in diet.

StorkNet: What cloth diaper products have you tried that did not work for you?

Sharon: All worked at various stages.

StorkNet: What are your favorite cloth diapering products?

Sharon: The best product to buy is the diaper liners that make cleaning up messy diapers easier.

But I liked different products at different stages. When my children were first born, I liked to use the simple and cheap unfolded diaper cloths with a rubber pants. Since the babies were making them wet all of the time. I needed something cheap so I could have lots of changes. Plus since the kids were so small to start I could fold them to the size I wanted. Plus when I was done with them, they made great burp cloths and later rags for cleaning up spills or hand mopping the floor.

As the kids got bigger, I used the chinese prefolded with a rubber pants and I bought a few all in one diapers. I liked the bumkin the best. But as I said earlier as the children needed changed less often, and the diet changed then so I switched to disposable, of which I only buy the Sam's Club brand - "Smiles." It fits nicer than Huggies, doesn't have the gross plastic smell of Luvs, and if the child gets really wet, doesn't leave that gross gel on their bottom like Pampers.

StorkNet: Thanks Sharon! Anything else you'd care to add?

Sharon: As for storing and washing, I tried several things. The best thing to do is store the used ones in a plastic diaper pail. Do not add water or vinegar. This will make the pail heavier and smell worse! It will intensify the ammonia. When washing, wash diapers and unused disposable liners (yes, they can be washed and reused if they only got wet!) in hot water. White vinegar should be used in the rinse cycle; it gets the diapers really clean and white. I usually give the diapers another rinse to remove the vinegar, but not always.

When drying in the dryer, try to remove the disposable liners before throwing diapers in as sometimes they get too hot and get hard and crusty.

Another type for diaper rash - don't use the typical over the counter stuff. A doctor recommended "Bag-Balm" or "Corona" to my sister. They are ointments for animals, and are really thick white ointments. I think the secret is they contain lanolin. It worked really well on all my kids and it was doctor recommended.

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